Husqvarna 128ld String Trimmer Review [2020]

A properly maintained lawn is the pride of every homeowner. No garden tool can do the job better than a string trimmer. Not just any string trimmer (also known as commercial weed eater) can do the job. You need to pick a high quality, powerful and performance-oriented trimmer. The model that comes to mind when you talk about commercial weed eaters is the Husqvarna 128ld String Trimmer. As you will learn from this Husqvarna 128ld review, the trimmer has all it takes to deliver exceptional results.

So, what makes this string trimmer so good? The simple answer its unique features and specifications. This gas-powered string trimmer designed to help you with lawn trimming and edging needs. It is the right trimmer to use to cut your overgrown lawn before you can use a lawnmower. Let’s look at the main features before discussing a few pros and possible cons of the Husqvarna 128ld.

Powerful 28cc Engine

Fitted with a 28cc, 2-stroke engine, this trimmer optimized for performance. The engine puts out 1 horsepower which is powerful enough to tame bush-like lawn in no time. As with most gas-powered trimmers, this model uses 100% gasoline, which you need to mix with oil before use. You can buy premixed gas for your convenience.

The 28cc engine specially designed for lower fuel consumption and lower emission levels. Contrary to most 2-stroke engines, this Husqvarna trimmer is a lot quieter than most other competitor models. You won’t need any earplugs when using the machine. Like all gas-powered trimmers, this unit is much more powerful than corded or corded-electric models.

Performance-Oriented Design

This tool fitted with long, straight shaft, which comes in handy if you need to access areas where shorter models cannot reach. This feature gives 128ld the versatility to perform in all environments. The straight shaft also makes the trimmer easy to maneuver.

The machine features an adjustable handle that lets you make adjustments for comfortable use no matter how tall or short you are. The handle features a soft grip, which makes the tool comfortable and ergonomic to handle allowing you to work for more extended periods without pain or discomfort in your hands. The design offers balance and responsiveness when cutting so you always enjoy the best results.

Manageable Weight

While Husqvarna 128ld String Trimmer may not be the lightest commercial weed eater in the market, it is still a lot lighter than many other competitor models in its class. Designed to weigh just 10.8 pounds, this weed eater is light enough for an average weight adult to operate during the entire length of the trimming job without stopping halfway for rest.

It may take you a couple of days to master the machine to use it properly. After that, you will find the machine extremely easy to control. The tool made of strong and durable materials meaning it will serve you for years without breaking and requiring expensive repairs or replacements. Besides, it covered with solid manufacturer warranty.


One of the most beautiful features worth mentioning in this Husqvarna 128ld string trimmer is the Smart Start technology. All Husqvarna trimmers have this feature. It lets you start the machine easily and quickly. Unlike other models that need a lot of strength to start, the 128LD is a sharp contrast. The starter will not fail even during the worst environmental conditions.

Large Cutting Width

The high performance of this commercial weed eater guaranteed by its 17-inch cutting width, which will allow you to get the job done a little faster. In other words, you can trim a significant amount of space is a relatively short time. The machine uses .095 diameter trimming line, which is effective in reducing overgrown grass in a twinkle.


  • High performance due to a powerful gas-powered engine.
  • Large cutting capacity means you will have the work done faster.
  • One of the most affordable string trimmers on the market given its performance.
  • Easy to start, operate and maintain.
  • Operates much quieter and thus safe for your ears.
  • It allows for Husqvarna saw pole attachment.


  • The 2-stroke engine is not as efficient as 4-stroke engines fitted in some competitor trimmer models
  • The Smart Starter feature is excellent but not durable as reported by some users


The Husqvarna 128ld review has given you a starting point if you are looking for high performance, excellent quality string trimmer for your lawn management. Husqvarna is a reputable brand and so you can trust the 128LD commercial weed eater to be of great quality. Given its performance, the trimmer is one of the most affordable. Take your time and try this product. I believe you will like to try it out if you prefer gas-powered trimmers.

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