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June 26, 2019 2 Comments

In this in-depth Best Kukri Knives reviews and buyer’s guide, our main aim is to help people who have been looking for valuable information on this awesome tool to aid them in buying the right model. If you belong to this group then it is your lucky day because you will be well equipped to make no mistakes in buying the Kukri that fits your purposes. Please, keep reading to be informed.

Image Product Name Our Rating Price
Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

Five Stars


SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete

Four Stars



Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete

Four Stars



Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri

Four Stars


Ontario Knife 6420 OKC Kukri Knife 

Four Stars



What Is A Kukri Knife? What Is It Used For? 

Kukri Knife, known more correctly as khukuri knife is one of the most versatile tools ever created by man. Native to Nepal, the utility tool is also a dreadful weapon that has been in use by the military across the planet. As a multipurpose utility tool, the knife has various methods of building and construction, chopping firewood, clearing, cutting meat and vegetables, slaughtering animals for food, digging, skinning animals and eve opening cans.

Just to appreciate the versatility of the Kukri Knives, it can function as a smaller knife by the use of a narrower part of the blade proximal to the handle while the broader and heavier end of the blade, towards its tip, can work as a small gardening shovel or axe. The capabilities of these unique knives are functions of their unique design and varying shapes.

Which Are The Best Kukri Knives Currently On The Market? 

Do not be afraid if you are new to Kukri Knives or you have already given up finding the best option currently in the market.  We understand your confusion as there is an uncountable number of Kukri knife models and the various designs available to choose. We have carefully selected the top 5 Kukri. You will learn of the reasons why they are the best. Here are our picks:

Top 5 Kukri Knife Reviews

1. Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri Review

The Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri Machete is doubtlessly one of the best Kukri ever introduced into the market. There might be hundreds or even thousands of machetes on the market, but this one from Ka-Bar shows outright excellence. This knife is simply unique in its class. It comes with a combination of some features and specifications you will never find in any other model.

Features of the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9


Strong and Durable Carbon Steel Blade

Which is the most important feature to look for in any knife? Of course, the blade as it determines the quality and performance of the knife. In the case of the Ka-Bar machete, the manufacturer perfectly crafted the blade in 1085 carbon steel, one of the best materials for such tools. Carbon steel is highly durable and can resist all manner of abuses and pressures and applications without breaking.

Furthermore, it is lightweight so you will not have any portability problems. The blade will neither blunt nor rust meaning you can use it in any condition. It is correct to say Ka-bar engineered this machete for professionals. The blade measures 11-1/2 inches in length and angles 20-degrees making it ideal for chopping weeds, clearing campsite and many more applications.


A Comfortable and Ergonomic Kraton G Handle

No matter how sharp, strong and durable the blade is, without an equally high-quality handle, the blade is essentially useless. It is not the case with the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9. It features a Kraton G handle. Kraton G is a highly durable type rubber that provides perfect grip without having the sticky feeling. Despite being non-sticky, the handle will give you an excellent grip no chance of slippage even when you hold it with wet hands.

The handle is impressively thick and long with a deliberate curve at its end to provide you with additional comfort and traction. Thus you need not worry about the knife slipping off your hand in the middle of a swing and therefore protecting you from any accidents. The end of the handle also features a lanyard hole which you can use as you desire.


A Nifty Leather Sheath  

For your safety, the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 features a stylish sheath crafted from black leather. The sheath is thick and excellent quality. It’s designed to fit the blade perfectly offering it protection while at the same time guaranteeing your safety because it prevents the dangerously sharp blade from unnecessary exposure. The sheath is strong and thus can withstand use even in the most extreme weather conditions.

  • check Beautifully and professionally made Kukri Knife
  • check Strong, durable and razor-sharp carbon steel blade
  • check Highly versatile with perfection for tough applications
  • check Fitted with a durable, comfortable and anti-slip Kraton G handle
  • check Lightweight, compact and perfectly balanced design for ease of use
  • The Kraton G handle feels good to hold but may cause blisters when worn for extended periods
  • Leather straps on the sheath shoul​​​​d have been a little longer

2. SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete Review

Were you not impressed with the Ka-Bar Kukri machete we have just reviewed or you are looking for more options? An equally elegant and professionally built Kukri knife for your consideration is the SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete MC11-N. It’s packed with some great features and specifications that make it stand out among its competitors.

Features of theSOGfari Kukri Machete


High-Quality Carbon Steel Blade

Carbon steel is the favorite material for making blades of high quality. The SOG SOGfari MC11-N uses 12-inch carbon steel for the blade that gives high levels of durability, strength, and resistance to environmental elements. The blade is exceptionally sharp and will cut through some of the thickest woods if you were to use it for such purposes.

The blade has a sharp edge and serrated edge. It gives the machete added versatility. The serrated edge on the back of the blade is a real working saw blade with double ground teeth capable of making very deep cuts.


Sturdy and Comfortable Kraton Handle  

As with most good quality Kukri knives, the SOGfari boasts of a Kraton rubber handle. Such handle will provide you with comfort and ergonomics to allow you work for extended periods. You won’t have to worry about slippage during use even when you are using wet hands. Despite the strong grip, the handles are non-sticky. However, you may need to use gloves to prevent blisters being in your hands.


A Convenient Nylon Sheath

A great Kukri knife deserves a great sheath and that is what SOG has done to its model. The SOGfari comes with a nice nylon sheath to protect the knife from elements while at the same time provide you with safety from the sharp blade. The nylon sheath also makes the knife presentable and easy to carry made possible by the presence of strapping.

  • check Professionally designed for versatility and performance
  • check Razor sharp, durable and strong carbon steel blade
  • check Fitted with Kraton rubber hand that is comfortable to hold and non-slip
  • check Comes with an elegant and helpful nylon sheath
  • check A great Kukri machete at a very competitive price
  • The blade is quite thin and thus can break under intense circumstances
  • The sheath is nice but you need to be careful when withdrawing the knife from inside it
  • The saw blade is a nice addition but was it really necessary?

3. Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete Review

The Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete offers you great value for your investment. It is a worthy Kukri knife to have in your collection. From design to performance, the machete is fully featured and will deliver more than you can expect at its current price tag. Consider the following features and specifications.

Features of theSchrade SCHKM1


Stainless Steel Blade  

Next to carbon steel, stainless steel is one of the strongest, most durable materials in use today. The Schrade SCHMK1 blade constructed from black powdered 3Cr13 Stainless Steel Blade that is well known for strength to resist impact and beating from the common applications including clearing shrubs, chopping firewood and gardening among others. The blade cuts deep and thus forms a great self-defense weapon.

You will see up to 7 elliptical holes above the blade’s belly. I cannot tell you what the holes are for but I guess they might be for aesthetics, balance or to reduce the overall cost of manufacture. Anyway, they look stylishly elegant and I would not worry about them. The blade is full tang meaning it optimized for versatility. It measures 13.3 inches (33.8 cm) and has a good thickness.


T-Grip Handle

The handle of any Kukri knife determines its comfort and usability. The Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete fitted with a safe T-Grip handle made of high quality and durable leather. The material will be easy on your hands while providing you with non-sticky and anti-slip grip while remaining comfortable and ergonomic.

Another great feature of the handle is how it fixes onto the blade. Schrade directly molded the rubber handle onto the full tang blade and this feels incredibly safe and solid. The seal is completely airtight with zero gaps or spaces. The profile of the handle on the other hands leaves a lot to desire. It is kind of bulbous in the middle and somehow narrow towards its end. It may interfere with grip.


Protective Nylon sheath  

An excellent kukri knife deserves a great sheath. If you buy Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete, you will receive it in beautiful and high-quality nylon sheath. On the sheath are assortment clips and straps to offer you user-friendly carry options. The sheath has an elegant miniature pouch designed to hold the sharpening stone, the steel, and the flint. Medium straps on the sheath will allow you to wear it on your thighs while the large straps are on the chest.

  • check Strong, durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel blade
  • check Nice textured, durable rubber handle with comfortable grippy feel
  • check Comes with a sturdy nylon sheath with various carry options
  • check Small, intuitive and removable pouch on the sheath helps to store sharpening stone and the flint and the stone
  • check Great size and high strength construction guarantees versatile performance
  • Performs well as a chopper but not good for slashing
  • Handle bulbous middle profile with narrow end may interfere with grip security
  • The thigh strap may not fit universally

4. Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri Review

Do you want to have the feel at least and intimidate your enemies just like the real British Gurkha in Afghan war?  I believe you do. This is the Kukri you can display for its deadly intimidation and versatile utility. Although it may not match the Ka-Bar reviewed previously on performance, it has some great features that make it a good alternative.

Features of theGurkha Aeof Kukri


High-Grade Carbon Steel Blade

This Gurkha knife is highly durable, sharp and incredibly resilient thanks to its high-quality carbon steel blade. The blade can cut through virtually anything from wood fibers to flesh and even bone. Interestingly, the blade is hand-crafted by the gifted born khukuri Makers known locally in Nepal as “Bishwakarmas”.

The blade is thick, hardened and semi-polished giving the strength, corrosion resistance and durability beyond the scope of factory-made models. While the entire length of the knife is 16 inches, the blade alone measures 11 inches or 27.5 cm. The blade is responsible for the versatility of the Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri.


Full Tang Rosewood Handle  

You need a handle that feels grippy but non-sticky. This Gurkha kukri knife features a 5-inch full tang rosewood handle molded onto the blade and tightly riveted to stay in place securely. The rosewood handle is comfortable in hand and offers a high level of comfort and ergonomics. It means you can use the machete for extended periods without feeling uneasy in your hand. Did I mention that the handle is handmade? It is amazingly elegant to behold and extremely useful.


Buffalo Leather Sheath

Carrying the Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri knife is easy breezy. The stylish brown sheath is made from authentic, 100 percent pure buffalo leather. This feature sets the Aeof apart from its competition. The sheath has zero chance of fraying no matter how long it serves you. Besides protecting your machete, the sheath will allow you to carry your weapon cum tool anywhere you wish. It will even give your friends a dreadful impression of you.

  • check Handmade by Nepal natives to give it authenticity
  • check Features high-quality carbon steel blade that is razor sharp, durable and resilient
  • check Highly versatile knife for cutting wood, meat and clearing bushes among other applications
  • check The package delivered includes two bonus knives karda and Chakmak
  • check Cool buffalo leather sheath and easy-grip rosewood handle
  • The knife may be too heavy to use for certain applications such as camping
  • The leather sheath looks awesome but may not stand the test of time
  • Getting the blade into the sheath needs care and keenness

5. Ontario Knife 6420 OKC Kukri Knife Review

As you can deduce from its name, the Ontario Knife 6420 OKC Kukri knife is not strictly a Kukri knife, but rather a hybrid. It features a blend of Nepalese Khukuri design and a machete similar to the common US Marine Combat Knife. If you are into Kukri knives, you might notice a few major differences between the OKC and the native Nepalese Kukri knives. The differences notwithstanding, the OCK Kukri machete has salient features that make it stand out.

Features of the Ontario Knife Co OKC


1095 Carbon Steel Blade

The blade of this wonderful kukri knife is made of 1095 carbon steel which exactly the material is used in construction the dreadful Aircrew Survival Egress knife. The blade is coated with the black material. The coating gives it high levels of resilience. Even after months of intensive use, the coating will remain as good as new with barely visible streaks and it won’t chip or break.

The blade is also sharp out of the box and it maintains this initial sharpness even after months of rough use. The spine to receives minimal wear or damage even if you were to use as wood splitting blade by hitting the spine with a blunt object. This strength guarantees optimal performance in situations adding to the versatility of the knife.


G-10 Kraton Handle

Another important feature to look at is the handle. It made of high quality, durable Kraton featuring contoured milled out grooves to improve grip and traction. The handle has a large lanyard hole as well as retention wrist strap to improve utility and safety. The design also includes rear and front handguards to minimize the chances of the knife sliding uncontrollably from your hands while you are working. It also prevents your hand from sliding forward on to the razor-sharp blade when piercing materials or thrusting. These features prevent nasty accidents.


Wonderful Nylon Sheath

The OKC Kukri Knife comes with an elegant sheath made of high-quality nylon with 5-strategically placed rivets for additional durability. Besides the rivets, nylon spacers are included to ensure the rivets do not contact the blade. In case you require it, the sheath features a tiny D-ring to function as leg tie. Regarding usability and performance, the sheath is just fine. However, I not sure the sheath can match that of high-end Kukris such as the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9.

  • check The knife offers incredible balance with a handle that feels natural in the hand
  • check Built of high-quality components and tough long-lasting materials
  • check An elegant, sturdy and convenient sheath protects the blade and promotes easy portability
  • check Features utilitarian design with matchless craftsmanship
  • check Great quality product made in the United States
  • The handle may be comfortable and well balanced but has questionable durability
  • The sheath looks nice but may not handle heavy use
  • It is one of the heaviest kukri machetes in the market

Things to Consider Before Buying a Kukri Knife 

Did you find out reviews of the top 5 Kukri knives helpful? I may not know your answer but whatever it is you can still benefit from the remainder of the article. Here we are going to discuss some of the most important factors to look out for when you are shopping for the Kukri for your purposes. In case you are still confused, you can use this guide to make an informed choice. Here are the factors to consider:

Blade Material 

You can never go wrong in your choice of a suitable kukri knife if you know the kind of blade material to go. Generally, this weapon and utility knife blade are made either of stainless steel or carbon steel. Stainless steel looks elegant and rust resistant but is cheaper, less durable and loses sharpness pretty fast.

Carbon steel, on the other hand, is very tough, durable, dust not blunts fast and more expensive. However, kukri knives made of carbon steel are poor at resisting rust. It means you cannot use such blades in an environment with saltwater for instance in angling. Stainless steel kukri knives are thus best for anglers.

Blade Design 

It is not enough to look at the material of the blade. Its design is also of utmost importance. The usability of a kukri knife depends on the curvature of the blade. Different blade shapes are suited for different purposes and therefore you must keep in mind the purpose for which you want the knife vis-à-vis the design of the blade.

The different blade shapes include spear points, drop points, tanto, dagger points, clip point, sheep’s foot and recurred kukri style. Discussing the recommended use of each of these shapes is beyond the scope of this resource. Nevertheless, I will encourage you to dig dipper into this to make the right decision in your purchase.

Handle Quality 

The only way to use a kukri machete efficiently is if it has a right grip. The grip, on the other hand, depends much on the material used for the handle and the level of comfort it provides. Traditional kukris have handles made of wood and rubber. The modern versions, however, feature more advanced materials such as Micarta and G-10.

It may be essential to test the handle regarding comfort, grip, and ergonomics. Just ensure it is non-slip and non-sticky. High-quality models feature handles fitted with hand-guards to prevent accidental slipping of your hand onto the sharp blade and thus guaranteeing you safety during use. The handle must also be well balanced and tightly fitted onto the blade.


A full tang Kukri knife has the entire unit made from a single solid piece with the two handle pieces added pinned on the proximal end of the blade one on each side. Half tang kukri knives only go the length of the handle but on half its width. A partial tang describes a knife with just a portion of tang pushed and then secured into the handle with an adhesive such as epoxy or glue.

Since most people buy kukri knives for heavy duty use, I would recommend that you go for full-tang versions. They may be expensive but that’s what you pay for high-quality stuff. Full-tang knives are durable and feel solid in your hands as you use them. Half-tang kukri knives tend to break at the junction between the blade and the handle.


Carrying a bare kukri knife in your hand is not feasible not only because it is a deadly weapon that intimidates to see but also because of your own safety. You will need to secure it when not in use. This requires a sheath specifically made for the particular knife you intend to buy. A good sheath should hold the knife securely. It should be of appropriate length to allow you to move easily. Keep in mind that the design, build material and aesthetics of the sheath are of utmost importance.


An often overlooked factor when shopping for anything is the price. Don’t be a victim of this problem. Setting out to shop for the kukri knife depends much on your budget since what you pay for is what you get. To get a high-quality kukri knife with the top of the range features, you must be ready to spend. Do your research and take advantage of promotions or discount coupons to get high-quality kukri machete at a good price.


As we earlier promised, we have delivered. Do you agree? I believe you answered in the affirmative. Now, you can just use the information we have provided you with to find the best kukri knife for your purposes. On personal opinion, we would recommend the Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri is the best in our top 5 picks. Check it out and for sure you will agree with us. It has salient features that make it a multipurpose utility tool and weapon. Besides, it is highly affordable. It does not in any way mean the other four are not great. They also have features that set them apart from their competition. You can check them out as alternatives.

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