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Best Tractor Grapple Review

Tractor grapples can make light work of even the biggest jobs. They’re also one of the most versatile tools you can have, as you can use them for everything from raking to digging, moving trees and rocks or clearing up debris following construction work. But, with so many different makes, models and designs of grapple, choosing the best tractor grapple for what you need to do can be confusing.

You may, for example, need a grapple which is a good versatile option to give you the flexibility you need, or you may have regular tasks you need to do and so can look at a grapple for a specific job. Here are the best options for you, no matter what the size of your tractor, or what task you need your grapple to help you with.

Image Product Name Our Rating Price
48’’ bucket grapple by Titan attachments

Four Stars


Titan 60″ Root Grapple fits John Deere Loaders

Four Stars



Titan Attachments 72’’ rock grapple skeleton loader

Five Stars



Titan Attachments 82’’ rock bucket grapple

Five Stars


84’’ Extreme HD root grapple rake 

Five Stars



Top 5 Best Tractor Grapple Reviews

It can be hard to decide which is the best tractor grapple for you because there are so many different options, from narrow grapples to wider tools, those with claw designs or a flat bottom, and a one-arm or two-arm design.

But, whichever you choose, a grapple can definitely make your everyday chores so much easier. Not only that, but you can clear large areas without having to use toxic weed or vegetation killing sprays. Here are 5 of the best grapples on the market:

1. 48’’ bucket grapple by Titan 

The first grapple on our list is a popular option for those looking for a smaller grapple which is capable of getting into tighter spaces. A versatile grapple, it should fit onto tractors which are fitted with a universal skid steer mount. It also comes complete with hoses and flat-faced couplers.

For those who want to check that the weight of the grapple will work with both their tractor and for the items they wish to pick up, the total weight is 450lbs. As a grapple bucket style, this one is well suited to picking up materials from a flat surface.


  • A universal fitting for tractors fitting with a skid steer mount

  • Rugged and robust construction

  • Good for fitting into smaller yards

  • Easy to hook up and operate

  • Deep bucket for picking up debris


  • Smaller grapple size which could take longer to clear large areas

  • Some users find the hoses are too long

2. Titan 60’’ root grapple

Another option from Titan, this grapple is a larger root-style grapple, which can be especially helpful to move any large piles of brush which have built up around your property. It is a popular choice if you are looking for a grapple which is capable of moving brush, debris and smaller logs. It’s also particularly useful if you have material which is not a regular shape as the two-arm style means that it can pick up an item which is wider at one end and still keep it secure.

There’s also a serrated edge, making it a versatile tool if you are also looking to clear up small roots. For those looking for a good mid-size option, this could be one of the best root grapple for tractor tools you could choose. However, it is not recommended for really heavy duty work such as digging and pulling up larger roots from the ground. For that, you may wish to check out some of the larger options on our list.


  • Compatible with many John Deere tractors

  • Hoses and couplers are included so you don’t have to purchase these separately

  • Ideal for property management tasks such as removing brush and debris

  • Lightweight design won’t overload your tractor’s capacity

  • Can carry up to 3,000lbs


  • Not recommended for heavy duty commercial work

  • Smaller opening width than some other models

3. Titan Attachments 72’’ rock grapple skeleton loader

While the root grapple above is ideal for moving logs and debris, this next grapple on our list is a rock grapple which is ideal for waste management tasks. With a universal skid steer hook-up, it will be compatible with a wide variety of haulers, and you also receive the hoses and couplers as part of your purchase.

If you are looking for a grapple to help you with landscaping tasks, either at home, or perhaps as part of a bigger commercial job at work or on a farm, this could be the grapple you are looking for. It is capable of heavier duty jobs than some other grapples, including moving rocks, roots, brush and logs, meaning you can sift out debris without losing soil from your land.


  • A good choice for those looking for a heavy-duty clean up grapple

  • Can remove logs, rocks and debris without taking away earth

  • Can pull roots from the ground

  • Comes with teeth which can be easily replaced

  • Easy to attach


  • Hoses can be too long

  • Could be a heavier duty grapple than you need, depending on the task

4. Titan Attachments 82’’ rock bucket grapple

With a rock bucket design, this is one of Titan’s largest grapples and is the ideal choice if you want to pick up and clear out rocks and other debris from your land, but you don’t want to lose any earth or dirt. This will sift through what you pick up, keep the debris and leave the soil behind. If you have demanding work to carry out, then choosing a heavy duty frame such as this one is vital to give you the capability needed to get the job done.


  • Dual grapple design for picking up uneven loads

  • Comes into its own when there are heavy-duty tasks to carry out

  • Replaceable teeth if you do suffer any breakages

  • Robustly built

  • Larger grapple bucket for carrying hefty loads

  • Good for rocky ground


  • Could be more than you need for smaller tasks

  • Some users say the hoses are too long

5. 84’’ Extreme HD root grapple rake

Most of the other grapples on our list are a flat bottomed, root grapple type design, but it is also worth considering a clamshell-shaped grapple for your yard and commercial tasks. Large and heavy-duty, this option is perfect for picking up all sorts of debris and carrying out clearing of rocks, logs, brush and other loads. This is also a good option if you want the versatility of being able to fit it to different brands of tractors, including John Deere, Kioti, Ford and Kubota.

A particularly good tool for carrying out landscaping work, as you can rapidly move any large rocks out of your way. It’s also popular for those with agricultural or equestrian tasks to complete as you can easily move hay for your livestock and clear up any remaining hay from your fields. Plus, the claw design makes it easy to move brush and branches, making it one of the best brush grapple options on the market.


  • One of the heaviest duty options on the market

  • Perfect for landscaping work

  • Versatile enough to pick up oddly-shaped loads

  • A good option for moving hay

  • Fits on a number of different tractor brands

  • Replaceable teeth if it does become worn out


  • Wide spacing so not suitable for smaller items

  • A heavy grapple so not suitable for lighter tractors

Buying Guide

Grapples have rightly earned themselves a place in many a tool shed. But what are the questions you should ask yourself to make sure that a grapple is definitely the right one for you before you commit to making such an investment? Here is what you should consider:

How many arms do you need? 

Tractor grapples will generally feature either a single or a dual arm. So which is right for you? As a general rule, a dual arm is better for handling, clearing and picking up uneven loads.

For example, if you have a tree to move which is thinner at one end than the other, a dual arm grapple will be able to get a more secure grip. However, single arm grapples are still able to deal with most bush clearing jobs and could be a more budget-friendly option.

What shape do you prefer?

When considering what type of grapple would suit you best, there are really two main shapes to think about. A clam-shape grapple could be best for clearing debris such as brush and picking up individual rocks, for example, but a flat bottomed grapple could give you greater versatility if you also want to clear roots.

Tine spacing

We are all used to thinking about the tines on the forks we eat with. For example, your dinner fork generally has four tines, while your dessert fork will have three tines. But, tines are just as important, if not more so, on the tines of your grapple.

You will need to think about what spacing you would like between the tines on your grapple. If you are clearing larger loads such as logs, then you will want to choose wider spacing, but if you want to clear up smaller items, you will want your tines to be closer together so the debris doesn’t fall out.

What is your grapple made of?

Obviously when you are carrying out heavy tasks, you want a grapple that is up to the job. Most tractor grapples are made of steel to ensure they don’t buckle while you are carrying out your work.

What weight do you need? 

You need to make sure that you match the grapple you choose with the work you need to carry out. It needs to be able to cope with lifting the required loads. However, do keep in mind the size and weight of your tractor and what its load capacity is. You don’t want to have such a heavy grapple that you are then unable to add the extra weight of your load.

Hoses and couplers

You will need hoses and couplers no matter what type of grapple you choose. Check that your tractor grapple comes with these and that you don’t need to purchase them separately.

Does your grapple come with protection against wear and tear?

Of course, any grapple will be subject to wear and tear as your grapple opens and closes around what you are moving. Check if there is a greased hinge pin as well as a cylinder guard to protect your grapple mechanism against wear and tear, and prolong its life. Some grapple options also have replaceable teeth.


Why might I need a tractor grapple?

Anyone who has ever cleared up and sorted logs and debris knows what a time-consuming task it can be. A tractor grapple can make light work of land clearance tasks, meaning you can complete your work in a more efficient manner, and in a fraction of the time when compared to using a different bucket attachment.

What jobs can a tractor grapple help with?

A grapple can be one of the most versatile tools in your shed, helping you to pick up brush, logs, rocks, roots, hay and other debris with ease.

What size tractor grapple do I need?

This will entirely depend on the tractor you have and the jobs you need to do. It’s tempting to think that you need to purchase the biggest grapple possible, but a smaller grapple could be able to handle tasks just as well. It’s okay, for example, if logs stick out of either end of your grapple so long as they are balanced.

You may also need a grapple to fit into smaller areas. However, if you have larger areas to clear, commercial debris to sort through, or you have a bigger, heavier model of tractor, a larger grapple could be right for you.

What shape grapple should I choose?

There are two main shapes to consider – a clam-style grapple, and a grapple with a flatter bottom. Which one to choose is often simply a matter of personal preference. However, if you do want to pick up individual items such as large rocks or bales of hay, a clam may be the one for you.

Will my grapple come with the attachments I need?

Most grapple purchases will include the couplers and hoses that you need. However, do check before you purchase that this is the case; otherwise you may find yourself with an unexpected expense.

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We hope you are now well informed after reading our guide and that you are ready to take the important step of buying a tractor grapple, which you will soon find is one of the most vital and versatile tools you can invest in.

For those of you who are looking to carry out heavy duty tasks, the 84’’ Titan clam tractor grapple could be a great buy. However, if you are looking to carry out lighter yard tasks and need a grapple capable of clearing tighter areas, the 48’’ option will be your best choice.

Whether you prefer a root style grapple, or a clam-style piece of machinery will largely come down to personal preference. However, when you do choose, and start using, a grapple, you are likely to wonder how you ever managed without one.

Have you found the right tractor grapple for you here in our guide? What are your own priorities when searching for the right tractor grapple? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you have found this guide useful, don’t forget to share it with your family, friends and colleagues, particularly if they have regular yard or land clearance tasks to complete. It might help them to find the best tractor grapple for their own jobs as well as for yours.

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