How to prevent weeds from growing in your mulch

Are you tired of dealing with those annoying weeds that are consistently growing in your mulch? Of course you are! At times, it really can feel like an endless battle and at times it is. You get everything cleared out and looking pristine and then the very next day, there is something sprouting up that you did not plant. Frustrating? Absolutely. So what do we need to do to finally put a stop to this never ending supply of weeds? Let’s dig a little deeper and see what solutions we can find. We have compiled a list of a few things that will hopefully help to keep all of your landscaping and garden areas free of those pesky weeds.

1. Prior to installing mulch, make sure you do a very thorough job of getting rid of all the weeds you can find. Really try to take your time here and make sure you have scoured the grounds well. Also, remember that if you are pulling weeds by hand, you really will want to be sure that you get the entire root of the weed. It’s very easy to pull the weed and have it break off where the roots start. This will not be good enough to get rid of the weeds. You have to get the root! IF you are going to use a chemical weed killer, this is the time to do it although you really should try to use natural methods as much as possible & stay away from using chemicals.  Boiling hot water will have the same desired effect without the worry that comes with using chemicals.                                         

2. This seems like an obvious one, but make sure you install and secure your landscape fabric prior to installing your mulch. Again, take your time and really make sure it’s laid down nicely and very secure in it’s position. Make sure you use some type of landscape fabric stakes. Don’t just assume that the weight of the mulch will be good enough because it definitely won’t be.






3. Make sure you buy a quality mulch. We have all heard the phrase, “you get what you pay for” and mulch is no exception. Don’t get the cheapest stuff. Yes, it does make a difference. You will want to look for shredded bark mulch, wood chips, cocoa hulls, or pebbles / stone.

4. Install your plants, but also try to use some ground cover as this will help to smother any potential weeds. If you are not sure exactly where you are going to plant everything, try drawing up a map so you can at least have a solid idea what it will look like when you are done and you will know exactly where to place everything so that it looks proportionate.






5. Install a brick border between your lawn and your landscaping. Not only is this going to look really nice, but it will also help to keep things where they are supposed to be.







6. Keep your lawn free of weeds as well. It’s much easier for your landscaping and garden to stay free of weeds if your lawn is free of weeds as well. Products like these will help you to keep your lawn pristine.







7. Try to only water specific plants. When you use a sprinkler that just gets everything wet, you are giving the weeds a chance to get established as well. This is not the easiest method to deal with, but it is something to consider.

Still having issues with the weeds growing in your mulch? or maybe you just don’t have the time nor energy to deal with it? Consider hiring a professional. They deal with these issues every day and will know exactly how to approach your specific situation. This will also free up some time for you to devote to things you truly enjoy!

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