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Roses – How exactly do you care for them?

Roses – How exactly do you care for them?


What comes to mind when you think about roses? And how exactly do you go about maintaining them? For many people, tending to their roses is a huge joy, but there are also many people who have a bit of slight concern or just don’t know exactly what to do to their roses. It is a commonly held belief that roses can be difficult to grow, but this just simply is not the case. They really only require a few things to keep them happy and flourishing. Let’s go over the key points to remember so that you can make your roses as happy as possible.

  • Location – They must be planted in a location where they receive at least 6 hours of full sun every day. This can very depending on your specific region of the world so find out what is best before you do any planting.

  • Quality soil – They must be planted in a quality soil that has all of the nutrients that they want as well as good moisture control. You should be able to find something that will slowly release nutrients over time in addition to fertilizer that you will add throughout the year.

Quality soil like this can be exactly what your roses need to flourish!

  • Proper watering – Your roses must be watered at least 2-3 times a week during the warmer months. Again, this will vary depending on the conditions of your specific geographical location. You may need to water more or less so do a little research on your location. If your roses are not blooming as they normally do, they could be lacking the water that they need. Stay consistent with your watering and you should start seeing results sooner than later.

  • Proper feeding / fertilizing – Your roses must be fertilized at least once or possibly twice a month during the blooming season, but not during the winter months. This will vary depending on your specific geographical location and climate. You may want to invest in a soil meter that will tell you when your soil needs water and or nutrients. They are less than $20 and will help you take some guesswork out of your gardening.

A high quality organic fertilizer is going to help give you the roses you’ve been looking for! 

This soil test meter will measure your Soil Moisture, Temperature, pH, Sunlight Intensity, and Environmental Humidity








  • Proper Pest control – Your roses will need to be checked for pests consistently. It will be much easier to do a thorough check for pests regularly than dealing with a pest outbreak. So the key is to stay on top of it so that when you do see signs of trouble, you can address it right away. Just make it a part of your normal watering routine. Be sure to check the bottom sides of the leaves. Not exactly sure how to deal with pests once you’ve spotted a few? Check out this article for help! https://www.outdoorgardencare.com/natural-pest-solutions/

  • Pruning – Roses really want and need to be pruned twice a year. A “hard prune” in the spring and a “soft prune” in the fall. A “soft prune” is when you leave the outer canes a little longer and the center canes are cut shorter. This will allow for better air flow and can really help to reduce pest issues. A “hard prune” is when you cut all of the canes relatively shorter than you would for a “soft prune.” When making your cuts, remember to cut above the nodes. Also remember when you are done with all of your pruning to remove all of the dead plant material. It’s common for plants to spread disease through the dead plant materiel that is left on the ground. Also, make sure you use clean and sharp pruning shears! Not only will your plant heal faster, but if you clean your pruning shears after using on each plant, you will prevent the spread of disease from plant to plant, if there is any. They will make your overall work easier and your plants will recover faster.

  • Consistency – The very biggest thing you can do to keep your roses as happy as they can be is to just stay consistent with your care for them. Check on them regularly and before you know it, you won’t even have to think about it. It will just become part of your daily / weekly routine.


Growing roses can be quite rewarding and exciting! There are so many different types of roses and so many colors of roses to choose from. Finding a variety that you like should not be an issue at all. I mean, who doesn’t like roses? Nobody, that’s who! Some roses are quite fragrant while others have little to no smell at all. They come in many different sizes from miniature roses that can easily be grown in a pot indoors, to really big roses that will be the star of the show in your garden or landscaping. Once you get them established, they will soon be growing faster than you ever expected and you will have beautiful bouquets of roses for your home! Thank you for reading “Roses – How exactly do you care for them?” Are you still having issues with your roses? Read this article on some common rose issues and exactly what you need to do to deal with those issues.

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Do you know any special tips or tricks to make your roses happy? Drop a comment!

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