Why a Garden at Home is Necessary

Why a Garden at Home is Necessary

Nature has solutions to all challenges facing humanity. Home gardening is one way you can use nature to defeat some challenges. If you are conscious of reducing your carbon footprint then it is time you thought critically about starting a home garden. You may not realize it but growing vegetable and other plants in a home garden is a good step towards achieving energy efficiency because it reduces the carbon emissions and saves fossil fuel significantly.

Conserving energy is an excellent reason to plant a home garden. However, the benefits do not stop there. Here are additions reasons why a garden at home is necessary:

1. Better health

Health is perhaps the most obvious reason why a home garden is a great investment. Plants help us to breathe, eat and drink. Health experts recommend that we eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The home garden provides the best source for these organic foods. Furthermore, garden activities such as watering, trellising, weeding, mulching, pruning and harvesting are some offer great ways to augment your daily exercise regimen.

2. Lower grocery bill

A vegetable garden in your backyard is an excellent way to put a positive dent on your monthly grocery bills during the grown season and even later. Consider this fact: a single pound of tomatoes will cost you $2 at a grocery store. A single tomato plant grown in a home garden can deliver up to 10 pounds of tomatoes at almost no cost. A simple calculation will tell you that you can save up to $200 a season if you have just five tomato plants.

3. Teaches your kids about healthy living and nature

In the current world where science seems to be taking over our families, having a home garden is the surest way to teach your children about nature and healthy living. Children will love to eat what they see growing out of their gardens and they will be excited to watch the seedlings grow into mature vegetables or fruits.

Why a Garden at Home is Necessary

Home gardening is the best way to deal with children suffering from the so-called nature deficit disorder (NDD). Nature deficit disorder describes a behavioral disorder that describes a child’s increased alienation and stress resulting from growing up without being able to interact with nature. Your children will have the best opportunity to play in the garden and observe animals and plants. This way, the children will learn important lessons about living things and their personal relationship with the environment.

4. A good way to conserve bees

Why a Garden at Home is Necessary

If you have taste honey, I believe you have a reason to like bees. Well, bees are important not only for making honey but they play very important roles as excellent pollinators. Majority of plants depend on bees for pollination and having plenty of them in your garden can guarantee you excellent crops and excellent yields. Our bees suffer from what experts call colony collapse disorder. Having a home garden is a perfect way to save bees from the brink of extinction due to this disorder and thereby protect the environment.

5. Personal satisfaction

Who does not find it satisfying to watch plants grow? I guess no one. The planning, tilling, planting and watching your crops grow can fill you with highest levels of satisfaction and pride. Doing repeatedly makes it become part of you and truly a lifetime hobby. The more you practice home gardening the better you will be acquainted with the process and you will enjoy every bit of it.

I believe you can appreciate the reasons why you must decide to day to being your home garden if you have not had one yet. Not only will it benefits you, it will also benefit the whole community, the environment, and your kids.


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