The Best Gardening Gloves

The Best Gardening Gloves

I know what it feels like to prick a finger and scratch an arm while pruning roses or just pulling up those annoying weeds. It really can be annoying, but you don’t have to deal with this nuisance anymore. Gardening is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but an ideal pair of gardening gloves can make it much less painful for you and even the kids too. Yes, the kids!

There are premium gardening gloves that can help you handle brambles, and rocks without blisters, scrapes, and scratches. Plus, you don’t have to get your fingers dirty while working in the garden ever again. Here, you’ll discover the very best gardening gloves available for your gardening needs and the exact features to look out for when selecting gloves for thorny plants.

If you are looking out for a high-quality, thorn-resistant pair of gloves that’ll provide you with all-round protection, you should carefully read this article.

Image Product Name Our Rating Price

Acdyion Gardening Gloves Rose Pruning Thorn & Cut Proof Long Forearm Protection Gauntlet

Five Stars



Goatskin Leather Rose Pruning & Gardening Gloves

Five Stars



Leather Goatskin Utility Gloves

Four Stars



Bionic Relief Grip Gardening Gloves

Five Stars



Thorn Proof Rose Pruning Leather Garden Gloves with Long Sleeve Gauntlet

Four Stars



Vgo Gardening Safety Work Gloves. Puncture-proof, Thornproof, & works with Touchscreens

Five Stars



Best Gardening Gloves 

1. Acdyion Gauntlet Cowhide Leather Gardening Gloves

Acdyion gardening gloves are long and gauntlet-styled, giving you full protection all the way up to your elbow. These impressive gloves are made of durable, wear-resistant cowhide leather, making them ideal for brambles heavy gardens, like blueberries and rose bushes. So if you are looking out for gardening gloves for bramble, that’ll last long, and still give you the premium style you deserve, these are the gloves for you!

These gloves come with a soft and comfortable lining that helps to prevent blisters and offer comfort that you won’t find with just any pair of gloves. They are flexible and they’ve got an ergonomically designed thumb so you can grip tools effortlessly. Acdyion garden gloves also afford you the luxury of selecting the color and size you desire. They come in a decent range of sizes and two great colors.


  • Made with top-quality, tough cowhide leather

  • Flexible gloves

  • Gauntlet-style that offers full protection

  • Puncture-resistant gloves that’ll keep you safe from thorns

  • Easy-grip due to Ergonomically-designed thumbs

  • Available in different sizes, and 2 colors -white and yellow


  • The sizing chart can be a bit confusing

  • New gloves usually have a strong scent that fades over time

2. Goatskin Leather Rose Pruning & Gardening Gloves

These gloves are made of 100% premium goatskin that provides you with an amazing garden experience. The long gauntlet-style offers protection against thorns and they come in an ergonomic design that’ll make it a lot easier for you to use garden tools. These gloves have an elasticated wrist that’ll keep the gloves in place and prevent dirt from getting to your hands while you work.

With all of these mentioned, you’ll agree with me that these gloves provide quality and comfort, but they may not be perfect if you’ll be pruning really thick brambles. Sadly, they do not also promise a full water-resistant experience, but they are tough and breathable, and you could always spray them with a waterproof product after purchasing. These amazing gloves are available in three different colors and several sizes, so you’ll definitely find the one that you love.


  • Great material

  • Elasticated wrist feature

  • Long gauntlet-style

  • Durable and luxurious option


  • They are considered a bit pricey by some gardeners


3. Leather Goatskin Utility Gloves

These gloves made from 100% genuine goatskin leather are set to offer you ultimate protection and comfort from those unpleasant scratches we get while gardening. They are incredibly flexible, so you’ll get a good grip on whatever it is you need to grab or hold in the garden. You can handle tough brambles with these puncture-resistant gloves as well as most everything that you will come across.

They’ve also got special stitching around the thumb that’s great for people with arthritis or hand mobility issues. They’re extremely breathable and have a somewhat thick design which makes them ideal for both cold and hot weather conditions. They are hypoallergenic, so they’ll help if you’ve got sensitive skin or suffer from allergies. If you are looking out for a pair of gloves that’ll save you from thorny, harmful plants, these should work just fine.


  • Comfortable and thorn-resistant design

  • Breathable and hypoallergenic and extremely flexible material

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Wide range of sizes available

  • Padded and reinforced fingers


  • Sizing can be quite large, you may want to purchase a size smaller than your usual

  • Certain colors like yellow can leave stains on the skin after use

4. Bionic Relief Grip Gardening Gloves

These amazing mini terry cloth lined leather gardening gloves are very comfortable and hard-wearing.  They were actually designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon particularly for people with arthritic and sensitive hands. You’ll love them for their amazing grip and pliability. They also have an elasticated wrist, so they’ll hold up firmly and your hands will stay clean throughout the activities. They are also waterproof so they’ll serve you for year-round gardening with dry hands.  These gloves are perfect for both light gardening and heavy-duty gardening.

They offer extreme comfort and style that you’ll love. They are made of softer, extremely pliable cow grain leather that is water-resistant and durable. So if you are looking out for a durable gardening glove you can use in slightly wet conditions, these will be great for you.


  • Gorgeous and durable option

  • General-purpose gardening gloves

  • Water-resistant leather gloves

  • Fully lined for comfort and warmth


  • Wears out faster than expected

  • Yellow dye stains fingers when wet

5. Thorn Proof Rose Pruning Leather Garden Gloves with Long Sleeve Gauntlet

Thorn Proof Rose Pruning Leather Garden Gloves with Long Sleeve Gauntlet provide you with the protection and comfort that you’ll need for tough garden tasks. They’ll keep your hands warm and dry with superior close-fitting throughout your tasks. They are made with top-quality materials that afford you durability.

You’ll find these gloves soft and flexible, gold leaf tough touch gives you the defense you need for even the hardest gardening tasks like pruning or clearing of thorny plants. They are ideal for gardeners looking out for quality, stylish, and elegant gardening gloves.


  • Luxurious and stylish option

  • Soft and comfortable

  • Gold grain leather being specially treated to offer resistance to water

  • Extended cuff for protection


  • A bit more pricey

6. Vgo Gardening Safety Work Gloves. Puncture-proof, Thornproof, & works with Touchscreens

These gloves are ideal for rainy gardening conditions. They have a double coating with waterproof features so you won’t have to deal with messy fingers. They’ll make your gardening experience much safer and convenient. Perfect for weeding, mowing, branch cleaning, picking, pruning, landscaping, ranching, gardening, camping, assembly, DIY light-duty daily works, regular construction, and outdoor activities.

  • ABRASION RESISTANCE & VIBRATION REDUCTION PALM – Soft synthetic leather with pig leather for abrasion reaching EN388 level 2 under 1200 circles. Pig leather patches offer long-lasting durability with 2.5MM anti-shock elastic neoprene padding for vibration reduction. All materials are skin-friendly to keep your hands comfortable and sweat-free

  • PUNCTURE-PROOF BACK – Reinforced pigskin leather patches on knuckle and finger back ensure wear resistance & puncture resistance, to prevent hands from puncture, bloody and painful scratches

  • TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE & ERGONOMIC FIT – The Unique and Practical 4 Touchscreen Capability design(thumb, forefinger, middle finger, back of index finger) that assures you won’t have to remove the glove in order to use your phone. 45° angle cut at the finger junctions and pre-curved fingers ensure a tailored fit with amazing flexibility, breathability & comfort


  • Double coating for wet tasksExcellent grip

  • Durable fabric

  • Very comfortable gloves

  • Ideal for simple everyday garden tasks


  • I’m not sure there really are any cons with these gloves

Buying Guide

Dealing with brambles in the garden is certainly going to require more than just normal cotton gloves, you’ll be needing gloves with amazing features that’ll help you with pruning and other heavy-duty tasks.

What features should I look out for when choosing gloves for brambles?

The size of the glove

As simple as this may seem, you should consider it carefully. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting stuck with the wrong size, they’ll not work effectively at all. You want a glove that’ll enable you to work better in the garden, not restrict your movements.

You also want to consider the fit of the gloves, most have exclusive designs for men and some others for women. If you intend to buy your gloves online, use a sizing guide that’ll help you select a comfortable fit for the size and shape of your hand.


Trust me, flexibility is something you really don’t want to trivialize. You’ll need a glove that’ll help you complete your gardening tasks faster, easier, and without injuries. A stiff glove is not going to help you achieve this. Look out for gloves that’ll help you have a good grip on both big and small branches.

Great wrist closures

The wrist closure is something you want to look out for if you’ll be working on thorny plants. You want a glove that’ll fit well and not slide off or let in debris. Look out for gloves that come with an elastic or velcro closure that’ll maintain a snug fit and keep specks of dirt out of your gloves when you’re digging, weeding, or doing any other tasks.

Padded Fingertips

The fingertips are the most-used part of your gardening gloves, so they tend to wear out faster than other areas of your glove. This is why you’ll need to get gloves with padded fingertips if you’ll be handling thick brambles. They’ll last longer and also provide you with extra protection from scratches.

Double-stitched seams

These days, most tough gloves come in a double-stitched design. But check just to make sure you’ll be getting the best. Since you’ll be dealing with thorny plants, this is a very important feature you need to consider to ensure longevity and extra strength.

What kind of gardening glove is ideal for brambles?

The material of your glove determines how much wear it can take in, so you’ll need to get a glove with a suitable material for brambles. Generally, gloves made with high-quality leathers like cowhide, goatskin, and pigskin are puncture resistant and more durable. In fact, leather gloves are one of the best for brambles.

Nitrile is another good material for brambles, they are rubber-like and water-resistant. But then, they aren’t breathable, so they can be quite uncomfortable for you. Gloves with a gauntlet style are also very effective and ideal when dealing with brambles.

How should you clean your gardening gloves?

Cleaning your garden gloves shouldn’t be a big issue. It’s always better to follow the specific care instructions on the label of your gloves. But generally, the material of your gloves will determine how you clean them. Rubber gloves are the easiest to clean, you can easily wash them with soap and water and then, let them dry.

For leather gardening gloves, you’ll probably need a specialized cleaning soap like saddle soap. Then, you can use a damp cloth to clean the gloves nicely without submerging them in water. Don’t wash leather gloves in a machine, and don’t dry them out in the sun. You’ll end up destroying them.


Whether you want to start pruning or you are trying to clear out old brambles. You’ll definitely find the gloves that’ll help you get the job done here.  If you want a glove that’s strong and thorn-proof, Acdyion would probably be the best option you, but it really depends on your specific gardening needs. The best option for one person may not be the best option for someone else. Thank you for reading about The Best Gardening Gloves.

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