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Best Husqvarna Snow Blower Review

Best Husqvarna Snow Blower Reviews

Best Husqvarna Snow Blower Review

Dealing with snow during winter can be difficult if you do not have the best Husqvarna snow blower. Husqvarna has established itself a niche with a focus on forest and gardening outdoor power tools.

Many people around the world living in areas that receive considerable amounts of snowfall each year prefer Husqvarna snow throwers.  They are of excellent quality and efficiency.

Many consumers claim the brand has stood the test of time, and that the quality of their products competes well with that of other major brands.

Perhaps you have moved to a new place that receives a lot of snowfall during winter. Or you wish to replace your thrower with a newer or better one from Husqvarna. Your reason notwithstanding, this article will solve most of your queries.

Let’s start by looking at the different types of Husqvarna snow blowers.

Image Product Name Our Rating Price

Husqvarna ST224 

Five Stars



Husqvarna ST224P

Five Stars



Husqvarna ST227P 

Five Stars



Husqvarna ST230P 

Five Stars



Husqvarna ST324

Five Stars



Types of Husqvarna Snow Blowers

From our research, the company manufactures three types of snow blowers. These include 100 series, 200 series, and 300 series.

Each series differ considerably from one another in terms of features and specifications. Such variations aim to accomplish different snow clearing needs.

We also see variations in sizes and even prices to meet the needs of different groups of people. The list of consumers includes homeowners, moderate users, and large commercial people. It’s upon you to choose what fits your needs.

We feel compelled to arm you with such information. It will be vital when buying the particular snow blower you desire.

As a plus, Husqvarna offers several attachments to help you make full use of your snow blower. Examples are drift cutters, cabs, skid shoes, chains as well as covers for storage, among others.

Below are the three main types of Husqvarna snow throwers:

1. Single- Stage, 100 Series 

The 100 Series has three models that use single stage system of operation. You will identify this series by its compact design for easy storage and portability. They also boast of high power output.

The machines work best on hard surfaces such as blacktop driveways and cemented sidewalks. The reason behind this is that the blowers’ front rubber augers touch the ground as they work.

With a working depth of 21 inches and a height of 8-inches, the blower can handle only 6-inches of snow at a time. It means 100 series is not ideal if you have a lot of snow to deal with. If the snow is more than 6 inches deep, it will force you to follow through with a shovel to remove it to the concrete.

Choose these models if you will be removing snow only occasionally. The models are also useful for regularly small to moderate snowfalls.

2. Two-Stage, 200 Series

Husqvarna makes two models of stage 2 blowers – 200 series and 300 series. The former model is more economical than the latter model but with lesser features. The 200 series works great in areas that receive up to 80 inches of snow annually.

The features unique to 200 series are adjustable handle height and dual LED lights. This means taller people in your family can also use the snow thrower with ease.

The dual LED lights are crucial in showing you your work area. The lights feature split and angled design. They perfectly illuminate the perimeter of the snow blower. Bright and with no shadow, the lights set the 200 series apart from their competition.

It would not make sense if you were to base your choice only on these two features. Ensure the thrower can remove most if not all the snow you have to deal with.

More great features are 24-inch working width, remote chute, and hand warmer. Extra features include deep lug tires, and remote deflector, to mention a few.

3. Two-Stage, 300 Series 

The Husqvarna 300 series snow blowers are also two-stage. But, they have a whole host of features and specifications 200 series lack. Thus they put up a stiff competition with the other major brands in the market.

They are extremely durable, efficient, comfortable to use. The machines are also robust, making them ideal for all snow conditions. You’ll love the controls because you can operate them with gloved hands. The deflector/chute controls present positive notches to make them stay in place.

Angled-down handles give shorter people an easy time using the machines. Furthermore, bright LED headlights ease operation in low light situations.

One thing we love with the 300 series is the ingenious hydrostatic transmission. This innovative feature provides smooth and uniform motion.

Power steering simplifies the use of these winter tools. As if that’s not enough, heavy-duty, serrated auger with housing is a symbol of durability.

Many more features define these two-stage blowers by Husqvarna.

Top 5 Husqvarna Snow Blower Reviews 

We’ve come to the part where we discuss five of the best Husqvarna snow blowers currently available in the market.

1. Husqvarna ST224 Review

This two-stage 200 series snow blower is one of the best in Husqvarna collection. It is the smallest of the models in this category but delivers a lot of power. All that power comes from its 208cc engine.

ST224 can clear expansive areas of moderate snowfall up to 20 inches deep. Its adjustable skid shoes make it a reliable performer over any surface.

The machine’s 24-inch working width means fewer passes on large areas. Its remote chute deflector allows you to work uninterrupted. Packed snow is no match for ST224’s serrated ribbon auger. The auger mixes the snow with air for smooth movement through the chute.

Amazingly, the blower can throw the snow over 30 feet, depending on the adjustments you make. Other great features are bright LED headlights and warmed hand grips. Adjustable height for the handles means anyone can use the machine comfortably.


  • Perfect for wet, sludgy snow

  • Complete clearance to the concrete surface

  • Massive 24-inch clearance

  • Bright headlights make work easy.


  • The tendency of the impeller to dent due to rocks

  • Effortless assembly but lacks proper tools.

2. Husqvarna ST224P Review


The Husqvarna ST224P is a little bit more advanced than its cousin we have reviewed above. It is a bit bigger but can handle more and icier snow with no trouble. Like its smaller counterpart, this unit has skid shoes. This means you’ll work over all types of terrains down to the concrete.

It boasts of 24-inch clearance, which allows you to complete large tasks fast. The working width, along with remote chute, keeps you moving in all weather conditions.

The ST224 and ST224P differ in their snow intake capabilities. ST224P can handle 18 inches of snow compared to the paltry 12 inches possible with the ST224 snow blower.


  • Powerful on wet, freezing snow

  • Easy electric start and smooth operation

  • Great traction

  • Ingenious gears

  • Large clearance


  • Requires frequent oiling

  • The belt is low but effortless to repair.

3. Husqvarna ST227P Review


A sizeable 254cc engine makes Husqvarna ST227P a strong 2-stage 200 series snow thrower. Its all-steel design gives the blower high levels of durability.

Same to other 200 series models, this device has skid shoes to ensure it handles all types of terrains. Its 15-inch tires provide optimal traction even on steep slopes.

This engineering marvel boasts of a large 27-inch wide intake. Such intake and the 23-inch high housing can remove enormous amounts of snow with a single pass.

The 12-inch serrated steel auger offers incredible power. It can t take on all conditions associated with snow.

Features like the remote chute deflector as well as remote rotator ensure the snow goes where you want it. There is no need to pause for adjustments. Power steering is there to ensure you do not get fatigued on extended working days.

LED headlights ensure smooth operation in light deficient conditions. Heated handle grips enhance the comfort of action during cold weather.


  • Enough power for deep, heavy snowfall

  • Easy and fast assembly

  • Electric start for expedited start ups

  • Excellent power steering reduces fatigue.


  • The belt needs frequent changing to work well.

  • Few plastic parts interfere with the durability of the machine.

4. Husqvarna ST230P Review

Choose Husqvarna ST230P if you are looking for a powerful 2-stage snow remover of the 200 series. The firm designed it with enhanced comfort and usability features. With it removing snow will be easy, fast, and surprisingly enjoyable.

The machine’s multi-ply reinforced auger blades can sweep the snow. It does this with instant contact with the ground. It is, therefore, an ideal solution to snow on garden entrances, paths, and garage driveways.

2-stage systems allow for efficient removal of large snow volumes with few passes. This machine prides itself on a premium 291cc engine and heavy-duty construction. You’ll also enjoy accurate controls and comfortable operation. No need to worry as winter approaches.

Electric start, heated handle grips, remote chute deflector, and many more are included. These features aim to power you through the winter without troubles.


  • Powerful 2-stage system

  • Power steering allows for superior maneuverability.

  • Smart electric starter – no worries about dead batteries

  • Bright LED headlights ease operation.


  • Problematic belts are familiar with these machines.

  • Instructions are confusing to many.

5. Husqvarna ST324 Review


This is the simplest and least powerful of the snow blowers we have so far reviewed. The Husqvarna ST324 auger screw feeds snow with efficiency into the machine. It then throws it out via the machine’s chute. This constitutes a one-stage system.

Choose this snow thrower if your area receives between 2 to 6 inches of snow annually. Anything more than that will be too much for blower to handle. Its working width is just 21 inches and, therefore, ideal for clearing snow in smaller areas.

You’ll love the compact design, which makes storage and transportation a breeze. An electric starter is ideal because it lets you start your engine in a fast, hassle-free way. It also boasts of an ergonomic handle, which offers high levels of comfort during use.

Another feature worth mentioning is the adjustable deflector. This allows you to throw the snow in any direction you desire. Husqvarna is confident of blower’s premium control cables. They will offer you optimal performance with a long lifespan.


  • Ergonomic handles for comfortable operation

  • Electric starter for a quick start

  • Durable premium cables

  • Compact design and size


  • Low handle height for taller users

  • Scrapper wears fast, requiring frequent replacement.


Have you made your choice? Ultimately, you’ll have to consider the amount of snow your area receives in a year and the size of your walkway or driveway. You also need to work within your budget since snow blowers can be expensive.

If you remove snow occasionally or you have a small area to deal with, then a single-stage 100 series snow thrower would be an ideal choice. For commercial purposes, a bigger and more powerful two-stage 200 series would be suitable.

Tell us – have you found the best Husqvarna snow blower from the reviews?

Leave us a comment. We’d appreciate it very much if we were to hear from you.

And please, feel free to share this info with your friends and colleagues. Perhaps, they’ll find the right snow blower too.

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