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The Best Waterproof Jackets For Gardening


Best waterproof jackets for gardening

If you’re the passionate gardener that doesn’t give up in any season, then this is for you! There are times when the weather becomes too harsh to get to the garden without some extra protection. These times will surely come but you don’t have to leave your vegetables and fruits without care at this point.

All you need is the best waterproof jacket for gardening that’ll keep you dry even in the harshest seasons. And guess what? You don’t have to look too far, there are amazing jackets that’ll suit your style and still keep you comfortable.

If you’ll be doing some extra kind of gardening work and don’t want the weather to stop you, here’s the place to find the best waterproof jacket for gardening tasks. Here, you’ll find both stylish and functional gardening jacket options that’ll make a great addition to your gardening wardrobe!

Best Waterproof Jackets For Gardening


Simms Challenger Insulated Jacket

Simms insulated jacket will help you stay warm in winter and protect you while working under the rain. No matter how cold the weather is, this jacket has insulation that’ll keep you warm. It’s breathable and waterproof. This jacket is fully adjustable and machine washable.

Simms challenger jacket also features Toray fabric technology that utilizes  2-layer coated fabric to provide improved durability and keep you warm even in the harshest weather. This jacket has fully bound seams that offer 100% waterproof performance. The sealed seams make sure that water doesn’t leak when you’re out there working under the rain.


  • Lightweight jacket

  • 100% waterproof performance High-loft insulation

  • Ultra-warm option


  • A bit pricey

Gore R7 ShakeDry Jacket

If you’re looking out for an ultralight jacket that’ll give you all-around weather protection, then this is for you. This shakeDry jacket is breathable, waterproof, and light. It also comes with a simple good with elasticated cuffs and full zip.

The zipped hand pocket would make an amazing addition that’ll be handy for putting in little garden tools. This is a flexible jacket, but sadly it’s not as durable as the Simms challenger jacket.


  • lightweight option

  • Comfortable and breathable

  • Well designed adjustable hood

  • Waterproof and windproof


  • Awkward branding style with the brand name on the front and backside

  • Narrow fit

Grundens Men’s Neptune Jacket

The Grundéns Neptune jacket is a medium-weight, full-zipped jacket. It’s made with polyurethane-coated polyester fabric that ensures waterproof protection. This jacket fits really well and is very comfortable so you can easily do your gardening task. It also features adjustable cuffs and a cord-lock hem that keeps you dry even in wind-driven rain.

The Grundéns Neptune jacket is a well-designed jacket that’ll be great to work out and even take a stroll. It’s a three-piece design that offers full protection, it’s durable and stain-resistant.


  • Full protection

  • Durable option

  • Super comfortable and flexible

  • Quality waterproof material

  • Adjustable hems


  • You may need to purchase an extra liner for better results

  • Not lightweight

Helly-Hansen Crew Midlayer Fleece Lined Waterproof Windproof Breathable Rain Coat Jacket

This jacket is a high-end option for a warm and dry gardening experience in rainy weather. The hood is fully adjustable and the interior pockets would be a safe place for your phone while you are at work.

Its fabulous design makes it good-looking and durable. Helly-Hansen waterproof jacket features a three-layer breathable fabric that is water-resistant and durable.


  • Useful pockets

  • Durable fabric

  • Excellent hood design

  • Waterproof option


  • Sizes run small

Outdoor Research Interstellar

This amazing waterproof jacket is made from AscentShell fabric, which is stretchy, durable, and breathable. It’s a top-notch option for wet weather. The hood is fully adjustable and can provide protection while gardening.

Outdoor research interstellar jacket is designed with durable zippers and underarm layers. Its elastic cuffs are amazing. And this jacket is lightweight.


  • Lightweight

  • Great design

  • Stretchy and waterproof material


  • Usually right around the waist (You may want to get a bigger size than usual)

Columbia Watertight II Rain Jacket

Columbia watertight rain jacket is crafted from waterproof nylon that’ll help you stay dry even in a downpour. It is breathable, waterproof, and lightweight. It is great for rainy weather but not for cold seasons as it is not insulated. But you can include a fleece to make it a bit more suitable.

This jacket has three external zippered pockets and an internal pocket, this provides an area to put in a few tools. It is available in 16 different colors and several sizes. It comes in a packable design that makes it able to fit into your pocket.


  • Reasonably priced

  • Waterproof and breathable option

  • Very functional design.

  • Different colors & sizes available

  • Nicely packable

  • Drawcord-adjustable hem


  • No pit zips

Buying guide

Buying a good waterproof jacket shouldn’t require much effort, but there are a few features to keep in mind so you can choose the perfect jacket for you.

What to look out for when buying a waterproof jacket for gardening?


If you’ll be doing really serious work in the garden, then you must get a jacket that’ll let you feel comfortable doing it. Breathability is a feature you want to look out for, you don’t want a jacket that’ll trap in all the heat and sweat and leave you feeling damp. Only certain jackets have a membrane that’ll make them breathable and keep you comfortable.

Adjustable hem

Adjustable hems come in very helpful when the weather is really cold. It’ll help you tighten up your jacket and improve insulation. This feature is very essential if you’ll have to go out in winter to check up on a few plants.

Well-fitting hood

You should get a good jacket with well-fitted hoods. They’ll not only help protect your face from rain and wind, but they’ll also help to prevent the rain from getting in through your neck. However,  adjustable hoods are much more preferable as they’ll let you keep them just as you like.


This is not a necessary feature, but it’s helpful. Most great waterproof jackets come with an inner pocket where you can keep stuff like phones. Then there are outer pockets where a few gardening tools can fit in. It’s up to you if pockets are important to you, then you should get them.

Sealed seams

Sealed seams are very important features of good waterproof jackets. The sealed seams help to prevent you from getting wet. The seals help the jackets to be more water-resistant and effective.


Quality waterproof jackets should have premium zippers that lock smoothly and easily. So it’s important you look out for the zipper of the jacket. A good zipper would ensure that your jacket lasts more. Plus, great waterproof jackets also come with pit zips, these kinds of zips improve breathability and ventilation. This is something you want to look out for if your weather is a bit warmer than usual.

How should I take care of my waterproof jacket?

If you spend so much time and effort to get the best waterproof jacket for your gardening activities, it’s only normal that you’ll want to make sure they stay in good shape for a long time. Here, we’ll be mentioning some tips that’ll help you take good care of your waterproof jackets.

Store your waterproof jackets nicely

Avoid scrunching up your jacket to prevent damaging the fabric. Carefully fold them or hang them uprightly. Even though certain waterproof jackets are machine washable, it’s advisable to keep them away from the machines. Avoid using harsh detergents on them. Simply use a specialized cleaner for waterproof outfits. Most detergents actually strip off the coating of your jacket.

Re-proof your waterproof jacket

You should also try as much as possible to wash your jackets less often. Over time waterproofs would become less effective due to frequent washing or normal depreciation. In this case, you’ll need to re-proof them. You can purchase a re-proofing product and use them on your jackets.


We hope you’ve found the perfect jacket for your needs. You must buy quality waterproof jackets that’ll last you longer and get the job done perfectly.

If breathability is a key factor for you, we’ll advise you to go for an option like Gore-tex shakedry jackets. Simms insulated jacket is an all-around gardening option, it’s waterproof and breathable.

Make sure to purchase your amazing jackets and stay dry, you deserve the best for all your work. We believe that the right waterproof jacket can make you much more comfortable and effective. Thank you for reading The Best Waterproof Jackets For Gardening

Did you find this review helpful? Share with your family and friends. Did the buying guide answer your questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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