Best Vinyl Fence Review & Buyers Guide

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Best Vinyl Fence

Best Vinyl Fence Review & Buyers Guide

When you move into a new neighborhood, it can be exciting to meet new friends and join their community. Having nice neighbors can be the best part of moving into a new home. However, it is also important to have your privacy in your own yard. Having a fence on your property can help with that.

Vinyl fences are great because they require less maintenance than their traditional wood counterparts. Finding the best vinyl fence can take a bit of work, but it will be worth it in the end! Below, we will be discussing a variety of different vinyl fencing options that will hopefully make your decision easier.

Image Product Name Our Rating Price

Zippity Outdoor Products – ZP19001 Picket Fence

Five Star



Zippity Outdoor Products – ZP19047 Highland Lattice Privacy Screen

Five Star



WamBam No-Dig BL19101 Nantucket Picket Vinyl Fence 

Five Star



Zippity Outdoor Products-Pet or Garden Enclosure Vinyl Fence Kit

YardSmart 73024967 4-in-1 Vinyl Fence

Top 5 Best Vinyl Fence Reviews

1. Zippity Outdoor Products – ZP19001 Picket Fence

If you are unsure about which fence to choose, this is a good option because it is meant to be semi-permanent. It can easily be put up or taken down at your discretion.

What We Like:

  • Setting up the fence is easy because there is no digging required for the fence posts. All you have to do is push the pointed stakes down hard enough to keep it stable and secure.

  • The materials are weather-resistant vinyl, which protects against rotting, discoloration, warping and splintering

  • Aesthetically pleasing design with a swooping style that can increase the curb appeal of your home as well

  • This model has a 10 year warranty in case there are defects and the fence needs to be repaired or replaced.

What We Don’t Like

  • This fence is not strong enough to contain large dogs. If you typically keep your dog out in the yard unattended, there is no guarantee that this fence will keep them in.

  • The total height of this fence is only 30 inches, which will go up to approximately the thigh on an adult person.

  • This fencing style is semi-permanent which means that it is not designed to sustain intense amounts of wear and tear.

2. Zippity Outdoor Products – ZP19047 Highland lattice Privacy Screen

This fence is easy to assemble the product, with additional height for privacy. You will need a drill for assembly. Typically, only two screens are placed perpendicular to each other.

What We Like

  • A product like this is good for such purposes as hiding the garbage bins, recycling bins, and air conditioning units.

  • The assembly of this unit is meant to be very simple. There is no need to dig holes to place the fence posts in the ground.

  • It is made with weather-resistant vinyl and comes with a ten-year warranty and it requires little to no maintenance.

What We Don’t Like

  • The purpose of this fence is not to surround an entire yard. There are only two panels in a pack, meant to cover a small amount of space. If you want to line the perimeter of your yard with this fence, you will need to purchase many packs.

  • If you want to paint this fence a different color, you will need to invest in specific vinyl paint. This will cost more than regular paint and will take more time to do.

3. WamBam No-Dig BL19101 Nantucket Picket Vinyl Fence

This is a traditional height fence that requires very little effort to install and is an ideal fence for use with dogs and other pets.

What We Like

  • This fence is ideal if you have children or pets such as dogs, it has a height of four feet which is useful for the prevention of kids and pets crossing over

  • The fence comes with a patented system that utilizes a steel pipe that is about three feet long which holds the fence down.

  • The steel pipe system is easy to install, no digging or cementing required, but at the same time it is sturdy and permanent and not easy to remove after it has been installed.

  • It is weather-resistant and provides the aesthetic of a freshly painted wood fence but it does not require the maintenance that comes along with wood fences

What We Don’t Like

  • The fence is only designed to scale the length of your lawn or back yard, which means you will need to purchase end posts that are sold separately, which means you need to check for compatibility

  • If you have irregular edges or shapes which you want to fence around you might have to make sure you can go around them as this fence does not provide curved or edging parts

4. Zippity Outdoor Products-Pet or Garden Enclosure Vinyl Fence Kit

This is a small enclosure vinyl that is great for use with small garden or very young kids. It is great for use with front lawn edging or enclosure.

What We Like

  • This vinyl fence covers and defines an area of 60 square feet and it comes with a gate as well which allows for easy access

  • It is meant for semi-permanent installment and it is easily installed as well as removed and reinstalled. There is no digging required or other permanent changes to the area that it is installed in.

  • This enclosing fence is sturdy, weather-resistant and comes with a ten-year warranty. It is also resistant to cracking, yellowing, warping and rotting.

What We Don’t Like

  • This fence is not recommended for people with large dogs or that those that require a strong enclosure for their pets

  • The fence is of a smaller height as well so it might not be ideal for anyone that is looking for a fence that will provide more coverage or privacy. The height of the fence is 30 inches and would generally reach around the knee area of the average adult.

5. YardSmart  73024967 4-in-1 Vinyl Fence

The YardSmart 4 in 1 vinyl fence is a customizable fencing option that is ideal for backyards, front lawns, and other outdoor spaces, and can be used for various purposes.

What We Like

  • You can assemble this fence in multiple ways, which allows it to have four different looks, these are called as contemporary straight, contemporary scallop, pool fence, and driveway accent.

  • The fence is of the average height of six feet and which is good in terms of keeping pets inside as well as not too high for blocking the view.

  • Due to the four different styles that can be made, this fence is ideal for use in many different situations such as vinyl railing, a decorative accent, lawn edging, and many other uses.

  • It is neighborhood-friendly as the pickets pass through the rails which allow for a finished look on either side of the fence.

What We Don’t Like

  • The fence requires certain pieces such as the vinyl fence posts and bracket kit which are not included in the purchase of the fence.

Buying Guide

When you are thinking of investing in a fence there are many different things that you need to consider prior to making the purchase decision. When you start looking for a fence to purchase there are many different kinds and varieties that are available. This can get quite overwhelming.

However, if you know what you are looking for and have a concept in mind things can be a lot easier and it can help you narrow down feasible options.

So the following are some key ideas and concepts to keep in mind when you are looking to purchase a vinyl fence.


The first thing to consider when you are looking to purchase a vinyl fence is to ensure you are clear about the purpose for which you require the fence, and the elements that the fence will be facing. This means that if you want a fence for the enclosure of your back yard so that your pets can remain within it. Then you need to ensure that you purchase a fence that is strong and sturdy enough to handle your pets. In addition to this, you should also consider weather conditions such as how strong winds can get in order to determine how weather-resistant and strong the fence should be.


Once you have figured out what exactly the purpose of your fence will be such as using it as an accent piece, using it to enclose your backyard or to just create an edge for your front lawn. It is time to figure out dimensions and what type of fence would best suit your needs. This is the time prior to your purchase you consider the height, the length and overall size that you would like your fence to be. It is best to accurately measure and double-check the dimensions that you would want your fence to be. In order to make the most of your purchase make sure you consider the various factors that could influence your purchase decision so that you can purchase the fence that best fits your requirements. This can include factors such as privacy, in which case you may want a slightly longer fence in terms of height as well as the spacing between the pickets.


Make sure you know the different types and quality standards for the vinyl fences that you are considering. This means that you should the thickness of the fence and materials used for the supports of the fence. The metal support for fences is usually made with metal such as stainless steel or galvanized steel, which are quite strong and rust-resistant. However, if the supports are not made from those it might be a good idea to consider options that are.


Another good idea when purchasing a fence is to look into warranties. Many vinyl fences come with warranties and it is always important to make sure you have good warranty coverage in order to ensure that if anything goes wrong you are protected. The protection can cover you in case the fence starts to rust or has any problems that occur, that might not be your fault. Vinyl fences generally come with lifetime warranties or ten-year warranties, it is better to look into longer-term warranties.


Finally, it is important to look into how easy the fence is to install. If it is simple and easy to install the fence, make sure to look into any tools that you might require and any help that you might need. If it seems difficult it is always important to look into installation services as well. It is better to be prepared for the installation prior to the purchase so that you are relaxed when you actually get the fence.


It can be intimidating to try and find a fence when you have so many options available and you are not exactly sure of what to look for. A good fence can really enhance the image of your home, increase your curb appeal and it can be very practical in keeping pets and kids safe.

It is very important to know what the industry standards are prior to making a purchase as well as to understand what your own requirements are. We hope this buying guide and review of the best vinyl fences were helpful in getting you started in finding the best vinyl fence for your needs.


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