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Simply Unique Pots








Have you been looking for Some Simple & Unique Pots? Did you even know they were available in such patterns and designs? We have come across some truly unique and fun self watering pots that will not only take excellent care of your plants, but they will stand out in quite an amazing way. Everyone will notice them and ask where you got them so they can get them too! They come in so many styles these days that you may not even realize the all of the cool options that are around. Here are a few that we found that I really think you will love and want. I absolutely love that they have so many faces available in many different styles and colors. If you are interested in buying any of them, just click on the picture and it will take you directly to the marketplace. If you are looking for a truly unique gift idea, this is definitely going to be a great option. Not only will the person who you give it to love it, but you will probably want some for yourself. These are a great way to really personalize your garden and house.

About these pots

They are all self watering. Just fill the reservoir and they will drink as needed.

They come with a Drainage Hole. This is definitely needed for almost all houseplants. It will provide good drainage which will really help to prevent the roots from rotting.

They are lightweight.  Resin material makes the planter solid yet light weight. 

Great gift idea. People love getting these unique planters and love showing them off. 










  • Self Watering Planters – These head planters for indoor plants come with an absorbent plant wick to feed your plants for over a week. Fun & cute flower pots – These Self Watering Pots Have It All!

  • Can’t Find Right-sized Inner Pot? These cute planters for indoor plants come with a perfectly fitting plastic inner nursery pot with drainage holes. Move and water these funny plant pots with ease!

  • No Messy Saucers – This tall 6 inch face planter is designed so water drains from the inner plant pot & collects in the bottom of the ceramic face pot, protecting surfaces & making watering mess-free.

  • Planters And Vases All In One! – Tall enough to use as a white ceramic vase for cut flowers & dry grasses, or use as a cute head planter. You decide!

  • Mix & Match Your Modern Pots – Display together emphasizing the beauty of your face pots fully. matte black, matte white pots in three tall sizes of 8, 7 or a 6 inch plant pot. create a family!

  • Removable Inner Pot – Means you can switch & style your small face pots of the same size. Style and restyle your planters with a face, to your hearts content. what a smart planter!

  • Modern Room Decor – With a zen design, this buddha planter with a timeless etched face is the cutest. this closed eyes flower pot suits any minimalist home décor & makes a fun garden or plant gift.

She is unique and fun. Puts a smile on your face.

Guaranteed conversation starters!








Perhaps you are interested in a more basic self watering pot? Those are available too! Here are a few options. 

Hopefully this has given you a renewed interest in some new styles of pots. Not just regular pots, but self watering pots. They will help to make your garden an even more special place while also helping to keep all of your plants hydrated for longer periods. Thank you for reading about some truly unique and some simple self watering pots. Happy gardening!

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