Why Is It So Difficult To Start My Lawn Mower?

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Why Is It So Difficult To Start My Lawn Mower?

Why Is It So Difficult To Start My Lawn Mower?

Anyone who has owned and operated a gasoline lawn mower knows that it doesn’t want to start sometimes. No matter how hard or fast you pull on the starter rope or turn the choke on, it just refuses to start. Why is it so difficult to start your lawn mower?

Every landscaper and gardener has gone through such an ordeal, and so have we! Below, we’ll explain the common causes of lawn mower issues and what you can do to fix them.

Common Causes of Lawn Mower Issues

Odds are, if you’re struggling to get your lawnmower going, it’s due to one of these issues that have plagued mowers practically since their invention. If you address all of these problems and your mower still won’t come to life, it likely needs more serious repair.

Old Fuel

Perhaps the most common reason why it’s so difficult to start a lawn mower is fuel problems. If your mower has been sitting idle for months with the same fuel, this is the first thing you should address.

Gasoline doesn’t last forever; it typically goes bad within a month without fuel additives. If you’ve had the same fuel in the mower for months, dispose of the gasoline, replace it with fresh fuel, and see if that brings it to life.

Dirty or Worn Spark Plug

Another typical problem with lawn mowers, especially older models, is the spark plugs. As its name suggests, the spark plug supplies the electrical spark that ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber and brings the lawn mower to life. If it’s worn beyond use or loose in its position, the mower won’t start.

Double-check that the spark plug is in the correct position and firmly placed. If it still doesn’t work, it likely requires replacement. Consider an aftermarket lawnmower spark plug to jolt your mower back to life.

Clogged Air or Fuel Filter

Lastly, you should check the filters in your lawn mower—specifically, the air and fuel filters. The air filter prevents debris and contaminants from entering the engine, but if it’s clogged and dirty, the engine won’t get enough air to operate.

The fuel filter does the same but prevents dirt from contaminating the fuel in the carburetor. Inspect both filters and replace them if both are dirty or clogged beyond saving.

If you go through all these troubleshooting tips and your lawn mower still won’t activate and turn over, it likely has a more serious problem. Consider taking it to a repair shop to have a professional inspect it and see if they can diagnose it. If problems persist, it may be time to opt for a new mower for your lawn. Thank you for reading “Why Is It So Difficult To Start My Lawn Mower?” Here are some other articles you may enjoy reading.

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