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Helpful Tips for Starting a Rooftop Garden

Helpful Tips for Starting a Rooftop Garden

Adding natural elements to architectural and urban structures creates a beautiful scene with a contrasting style. A rooftop garden is an excellent project to start, and with the right knowledge, it will have great results for the people who use that building. Read on for helpful tips for starting a rooftop garden.

Choose Plants That Need More Sun Than Water

A garden may have difficulty getting sunlight on the ground level because of tall structures such as trees and buildings. But on a rooftop, the garden will have more access to light, even on days when there’s some overcast. Because of this increased light source, choosing plants that need more light instead of water is better.

Water won’t be as accessible on a roof, aside from the occasional rain, and light will be in higher abundance. Plants and flowers such as hibiscus, jade, and aloe vera will greatly add to a rooftop garden since they thrive in direct sunlight.

Use a Mixture of Round and Square Plots

There are various ways to set up a garden, but the most common method is a mixture of round and square plots. Place the square plots around the perimeter to make a rectangle of squares for a structured layout. The round plots will have space within this perimeter, and you’ll have the freedom to place them in various positions for an internal layout.

Make sure you have enough space to move plots around if you add or remove any plants. Building a rooftop garden requires structure for efficiency and proper caretaking, and a clean look will make the space feel more tranquil.

Ask the Building Engineer for Advice

All commercial buildings have an engineer who understands their functions and features. If possible, contact this engineer and ask them if they have any recommendations for the rooftop garden. The engineer will know how much weight the roof will hold and if any water accumulates.

They may have some recommendations to enhance the rooftop design with high-performance materials, such as metal mesh, to allow sunlight while offering coverage to the area. It’s always a wise idea to consult an expert before undertaking a project of this scale that will last for months or years to ensure it doesn’t fail.

Plan Your Water Source

Depending on your location, rain and other precipitation may not be common. When building a rooftop garden, planning your water source is essential so the plant life you grow doesn’t whither from too much light and dehydration.

Use rain barrels to store rainwater that will easily spread throughout the plant plots. Manual filling these barrels with water will take longer but will ensure the plants receive hydration. Set a schedule for when the barrels need filling during periods when there’s a lot of heat and sun for a healthy garden.

Setting up a rooftop garden takes careful planning and structuring. Use these tips to help you create a successful garden in the sky and give your building tenants a great place to escape the day-to-day among plants with a view of the world below. Thank you for reading Helpful Tips for Starting a Rooftop Garden. Here are some other articles you may enjoy reading.

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