Best Box Blade buyers Guide

Best Box Blade buyers Guide

The best box blade is an essential attachment for a tractor. It can help you do so many tasks in your garden or yard (Like; Landscaping, backfilling, leveling, garden preparation, spreading mulch are a few of those tasks.)

Top-quality box blades combine three different attachments to be versatile. The accessories are a hopper box, a forward and backward scraper blade, and a scarifier bar.

Choosing the best quality garden box blade can be difficult if you lack information. We have prepared this buying guide along with reviews of the top 5 models. Hopefully, you will get a better idea after reading our Best Box Blade buyers Guide.


Best Box Blade buyers Guide

You might be confused about which one to get. We have prioritized these five box blades for both compact and subcompact tractors.

Let’s get started to read reviews.

1. Titan 4' - 7' Box Blade Tractor Attachment

This is an excellent choice for homeowners, professional workers, and even weekend worriers. It's ideal for driveway leveling, backfilling, finish grading, and light-duty ripping, among others.

Titan built this box blade for durability and efficiency. With a massive 4x4 inches square tubing shank support, the shank runs 48 inches between the 6-1/4mm side panels. This translates to approximately 1/4-inch thickness.

Two 12mm steel braces expand from the 17-inch deep roll-formed moldboard to the hitch. These work to boost durability and keep the scrapper squared in duress. Furthermore, gussets which run between the shank support tube and hitch increases strength.

There are four scarifier teeth, each measuring 18.25 inches high and 1inch wide. The teeth have four pin-through adjustments with two reversible and replaceable cutting edges. The edges are curved and made of hardened steel.


  • Durable, heavy-duty construction

  • Versatile and efficient

  • Available in 4, 5, 6 and 7-feet

  • Easy to use


  • Teeth are sharp but not replaceable

2. Behlen Country Heavy Duty Box Blade

Behlen produces good quality tools, as is evident in this heavy-duty box blade. It is suitable for many applications, such as landscaping and light construction work.

The quality of this tool is a guarantee because Behlen Country is a USA company. It boasts of durable shanks featuring heat-treated cutting edges. Yellow premium powder coat protects parts from adverse UV light.

Same to top-quality brands, this BB prides in sharp and robust front and rear cutting edges. You can cut as deep as you desire thanks to three depth adjustments featured on the ripping shank. Its heavy 4-inch toolbar is capable of holding up even in the deepest penetration.

Behlen Country 5'inch box blade is compatible with category one hitch. It also fits category one tractors up to 45 horsepower max. The attachment weighs 415 pounds.


  • Durable USA-quality construction

  • Strong heat-treated cutting edges

  • Beautiful design

  • Covered with a warranty

  • Long life powder coating


  • Might be a bit heavier than the competition

3. King Kutter Box Blade

King Kutter engineered this Box blade for use by homeowners, landscapers, and farmers. It is also ideal for light construction work. Buy it if you need a BB for landscaping, backfilling, grading, leveling, and even tilling.

Its rear-hinged cutting edge ensures deeper penetration. It also prevents the accumulation of soil between the cutting edges. This improves the efficiency of the machine in completing tasks.

Each of King Kutter box blades features a 20-inch specially made self-cleaning. The reversible cutting edges (one front, one rear) feature durable high-carbon steel.

The BB boasts of robust, ripper shanks with heat-treated teeth. It is a few of the box blades fitted with replaceable teeth. This does not mean the teeth are low quality.

Furthermore, each shank offers you four pin-through adjustments to maximize efficiency. The machine's upper frame features heavy-gauge steel with replaceable brace arms and lift.


  • All-welded, heavy-duty category one frame

  • Adjustable scarifier shanks

  • Self-cleaning moldboard

  • USA-quality

  • Replaceable parts


  • Requires further testing otherwise, nothing seems a miss

4. Brinly BS-381 Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Box Scraper

Measuring 38-inches, Brinly BS-381 Box scraper is an ideal choice for your lawnmower. It is also suitable for landscaping, leveling, and gardening, among other applications. The 38" working width makes the machine easy to maneuver.

To work, however, you'll need a sleeve hitch, which the manufacturer does not provide. Besides, the box scraper is lightweight. So, it features weight-tray for cider logs to make it heavier during use.

A unique feature is the ability of the blade/scraper to angle in a 30-degree lock in front or back direction. This gives you the option to either pull or push the BB.

This excellent quality box blade is an American product. Replacement parts are available through the brand's website, but you can also order through Brinly's toll-free number.


  • Compact and sturdy design

  • Works well with a lawnmower

  • Two-in-one design

  • Versatile angle adjustments


  • May be too light to use without adding weight

  • A design flaw in some units lets the bar holding blades to fall over

5. Agri-Fab 45-0265 Scraper Box 

Agri-Fab offers you an excellent quality scraper box for your garden and lawn care needs. Use it to backfill, level, and finish grade any location. It is the perfect solution for your driveways, lawns, and flowerbeds.

The Agri-Fab 45-0265 scraper box features a 42-inch working width. Thus, you cover the standard size of most driveways and tracks. Each of the blades is constructed with 3/16" steel for strength and durability. It will not wear out fast like conventional blades.

This BB can angle 30-degrees to allow you to use it in either direction. In other words, you can pull or push the box blade and still get good results. The blades can pivot and rotate 180 degrees. It's an excellent choice for summer, winter, fall, and even spring.


  • Versatile machine for home and professional use

  • Durable for long-lasting use

  • 42-inch working width saves time

  • 3-years limited warranty

  • Works in either direction


  • Quality check seems to be lacking

  • A design flaw in some units lets the bar holding blades to fall over

Buying Guide

A box blade receives excessive abuse from the kind of tasks it does. You must make the right choice if you don't wish to lose your investment. Here are a few things you must consider before buy a box blade.


BBs cost hundreds of dollars. Make sure the model you choose has parts made of high-quality materials. Only this can guarantee you the long service you hope to get from the machine.

Sturdy steel frame and solid welds are a must. You should also pay attention to the hinges. What types of hinges connect parts of the box blade, and what is their design? Poorly made hinges can break in the middle of work when the blade encounters stubborn plant roots.

You also want to buy a BB with sharp teeth. The material for teeth varies depending on brands. However, we vouch for the ones made of heat-treated steel. The cutting edge should also feature equally durable material. In such a case, carbon steel wins.

Being an outdoor machine, it will spend most of its time outdoors. That means exposure to UV light and other environmental conditions. Ensure the one you buy features UV resistant coating. This will boost durability.

Insertion of shanks

Inspect how the shanks of the model you desire to buy insert into the frame. Most brands have a metal that holds the shanks and a pin. These tend to wear out fast.

We recommend you go for a model that feature slots cut out in the metal tube. Shanks slide into these slots, thus providing reliable support. You may have to pay a little bit more for these better builds.


Box blades are designed to help with many tasks. Top brands include a few features to make them this versatile. Aim to buy a model that has removable and reversible scraper blades.

Another great feature is the ability of the scraper to angle 30 degrees. In such a case, you will be able to use the machine in either direction. A box blade with offset slots is also the right choice.


Box blades are heavy machinery. So, they need a vehicle to haul them. Manufacturers design them for compact and subcompact tractors. You need to know whether the BB you are buying will be compatible with your tractor.

The width of the box blade should exceed the outer diameter of your tractors rear tires. Do not worry if this information makes no sense to you. Most manufacturers of these versatile machines include information about compatibility along with instructions.

For example, the instruction manual will tell you the category of the tractor to use the BB with. The info will also tell you the compatible type of hitch. You need to be very careful. You do not want to take home the wrong attachment.


Best box blades for compact tractors can be expensive. So, you need to be open-minded when budgeting. Quality usually goes hand in hand with price.

In most cases, higher quality products attract higher costs. But there are ways to go around it. For instance, you can take advantage of any discounts or promotions that may slash the price.

Apart from the actual cost of the box blade, you will need to set aside some money for shipping. The reason for this is the bulkiness of the machine.

Furthermore, sellers or distributors will not ship directly to your residential address.



Can I use a box blade for snow? 

Yes, the machine can do an excellent job of compressing the snow. It compresses the snow into the box and pushes it into a pile. It can also break or loosen snow. Unfortunately, you can only push or pull the snow. We recommend you use a snowplow instead. It will do a better job.

What is the best width for a box blade?

Box scrapers come in many variations and different sizes. The smallest width is about 48 inches and is compatible with most compact tractors. Other widths are 60", 72", 84" and 96". They need larger tractors.

What can I do with a box blade? 

The Internet has made things much easier when you wish to buy anything. So, we vouch for you to buy yours from online stores. Most online retailers provide enough information on features and specifications. You also find the chance to read verified customer reviews.

Are there any particular advantages of using a box scraper? 

Machines are meant to make work easier. BBs are not different. It will save you lots of cash and time when you need to move things over distance and spread them. A box scraper is among of the most versatile machines you can ever buy.


We had done our part. Now we wish to hear your thoughts on garden box blades. These machines are vital for both homeowners and professionals.

Before you make your mind, consider the materials used and the general build quality. This tractor attachment receives a lot of beating from the ground. Therefore, it must be sturdy. Thank you for reading our Best Box Blade buyers Guide.

So, did you found the best garden tractor box blade on this list?

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