4 Tips for a Cost-Effective Yard Makeover

4 Tips for a Cost-Effective Yard Makeover

4 Tips for a Cost-Effective Yard Makeover

Now that winter is gone for another six months, we can all tend to our yards again. They may be in desperate need of some TLC. Don’t worry. By the time summer rolls around, you’ll have the best-looking yard on the block, and you’ll have done it all on a budget. You read that right. Check out these four tips for a cost-effective yard makeover.

Hang Lights

A little light never hurt anyone—it certainly won’t hurt your plants. Consider hanging some fairy lights around the property, giving it an ethereal look while not hurting your wallet. You can pick up these lights at any department or hardware store.

Be strategic with your placement. What areas of the yard do you want to highlight the most? You might consider draping a netted variety over some rocks along the pathway. You could also hang a curtain variety behind your patio seating, making an impromptu backdrop for romantic evenings.

Make a Garden Bed

Raise them high and show them off with pride! Make a garden bed for your show-stopping plants. Even if they don’t have any ribbons or trophies, they will surely get plenty of admiration from neighbors. Additionally, the good news is, making a garden bed is way cheaper than buying one.

It may seem like acquiring the supplies to build the bed is expensive, but that’s not necessarily true. You can make a garden bed from old items lying around the house. Consider repurposing an old car tire and turning it into a new home for your plants. All you’ll need next is the soil.

Edge Around the Patio

If you already have a patio, count your blessings. You don’t need to pay to get the work done. All it might need is a little maintenance to transform the current look. Edging around the patio defines the two spaces (lawn and seating area) and instantly gives the structure a visual boost.

Add a landscape buffer by digging a trench around the patio and filling it with mulch. You can also think about adding landscape stones to the trench. Either option is fairly cheap and shouldn’t run you more than $50 to $100.

Avoid High Maintenance Plants

Some of the plants we love most require the most maintenance—and high-maintenance plants can get expensive. They might be beautiful, but they’re divas in disguise plotting to break your bank account. High-maintenance plants require more water, which will run up your water bill.

You want beautiful, long-lasting plants that won’t mess with your current budget. Consider planting some native species that are drought-resistant and low maintenance. Native plants are naturally compatible with the rainfall in your area, so you won’t need to spend much time watering them.

Giving your yard a cost-effective makeover is just what it needs this summer. We hope these tips made the task even easier. Thank you for reading 4 Tips for a Cost-Effective Yard Makeover. Here are some other articles that you may enjoy reading.

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