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4 Rooftop Plants That Will Elevate Your Garden

4 Rooftop Plants That Will Elevate Your Garden

As an urban gardener, turning your rooftop into a thriving green space demands careful plant selection. Each choice must balance aesthetic appeal with resilience against the elements. Continue reading to learn about rooftop plants that will elevate your garden.


Succulents are the darlings of the gardening world for a reason. Their water-retaining nature and hardy constitution make them ideal for rooftop living. Sedums, echeverias, and crassulas are just a few types of succulents worth considering. These low-maintenance wonders come in a spectrum of colors and textures, which makes them perfect for adding interest to your rooftop garden.

Moreover, their resilience against heat and drought means that your rooftop succulent garden will require little watering, a crucial benefit given the exposure to the sun and wind. Consider planting a mix of species to create a dynamic display. Just ensure your pots have good drainage, as these plants loathe soggy roots.


Rooftop gardens are ideal for cultivating a variety of fresh herbs. Lavender and rosemary add seasoning to dishes and a fragrant charm to your rooftop oasis. Basil, thyme, and parsley, with their rapid growth, ensure a steady supply for your cooking ventures.

Herbs are also a wonderful introduction to gardening for beginners. They’re forgiving of the sometimes-erratic attention they may receive in busy city life, and gardeners can successfully cohabitate them in the same pots. Just remember to harvest regularly to keep them bushy and prevent them from going to seed.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are rooftop plants that will elevate your garden and add movement. Their gentle sway in the breeze can turn an otherwise static space into a kinetic sculpture. Varieties such as feather grass (Stipa), pampas grass (Cortaderia), and blue fescue (Festuca) will thrive in the airiness of your rooftop and bring a year-round texture to your garden.

For those aiming for a contemporary aesthetic, ornamental grasses offer clean lines and architectural presence that harmonize with modern rooftop design. These grasses may not need much attention, but when they do, a periodic trimming to remove dead foliage and maintain their graceful form is all it takes.

Climbing Vines

Embrace the vertical potential of your rooftop garden with climbing vines. Engaging and dramatic, they can be trained along walls, fences, or trellises to create living green screens that provide shade and privacy. Jasmine, clematis, and passionflower (Passiflora) are just a few climbing vine options that offer a variety of colors and often delightful scents.

Ensure you provide sturdy support for your climbing companions, and not just for aesthetic reasons—healthy vines can become quite weighty. Consider using a woven metal wall to enhance your rooftop design and provide an ideal substrate for climbing plants. Regular pruning is also key to keeping them in check and to encourage flowering, which can be a real treat in a limited space.

Rooftop gardening is about much more than adding a few plants to the highest open space available. It’s a way of bringing nature back into our city lives in a sustainable and fulfilling manner. By carefully selecting the right plants, you put yourself on the path to a successful and enjoyable garden. Thank you for reading “4 Rooftop Plants That Will Elevate Your Garden.” Here are some other articles you may enjoy reading.

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