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Tow behind tiller buyers guide

Tow behind tiller buyers guide

Are you thinking of starting a large vegetable garden? Or perhaps, you'd love to plant colorful flowers in your lawn. The best tow-behind tiller will make this type of work much easier.

You need a tow-behind tiller for a healthy, beautiful, and productive garden, lawn, or flowerbed. A tow-behind tiller or a cultivator plays the crucial role of breaking up hard, compacted soil into loose dirt.

Young plants and tender seedlings require broken-up, loose dirt to bloom. Without a tow-behind tiller, you have to use a heavy, tiring shovel to prepare the ground for planting. That can take a good amount of time as well as backbreaking work.

A walk-behind tiller isn't much better. It can have severe implications on your arms. Here, we will go over all of the details to help you find the right tow-behind tiller for your specific situation. Let's get into the Tow behind tiller users guide.

Why Do You Need a Tow-Behind Tiller?

Tillers are either walk-behind or tow-behind. Why go for the latter and not the former? Here are the main reasons why a tow-behind tiller is a clear winner.

Lots of Conveniences

One of the greatest attributes of a tow-behind tiller is just the convenience of it. You can pull it with your lawnmower, tractor, or even an ATV. Most models have pneumatic tires to allow them to move conveniently on all soil types for a much greater ease of use.

Solid Power

Walk-behind tiller has to divide its engine power to run two processes. First, it has to propel the machine forwards. Second, it must turn the tines to break up the soil.

Tow-behind tiller engines don't need to propel themselves. The towing or pulling vehicle provides this power. The tiller's engine devotes full torque to turning the tines. This breaks-up compacted soil with much more efficiency.

Saves Time and Effort

Tow-behind tillers use all their engine power in turning the tines. Thus each pass covers more ground. This means you'll complete the task faster.

Also, you will not need to be as physically fit to use a tow-behind tiller. As long as you can drive the vehicle towing or pulling the tow-behind tiller, then you are good to go. You don't need to worry about the strain on your arms and back.

Top 5 Best Tow-Behind Tiller with Review

With so many brands to choose from, and ever increasing inflation, it can be challenging to find the best model for the best price. We have sampled many of them and settled on five tow-behind tillers we believe are among the best.

1. Agri-Fab Multi-Fit Univeral Tow Behind Tiller

This Agri-Fab tow-behind tiller offers you the best way to prepare your land in time for spring. An independent 206 cc Briggs & Stratton engine delivers 12 HP of power for this tow-behind tiller. Such power is enough to deal with any soil, including hard compacted one.

 The Agri-Fab Multi-Fit Univeral Tow Behind Tiller has six heavy-duty tines that cut through the soil with efficiency. Each tine is 11 inches in diameter and is double-edged. The strength of the tines comes from 7-gauge steel.

The tilling width is 36 inches. This means you'll cover significant ground in a single pass. This tow-behind tiller can dig to a maximum of 5.5 inches deep, but the depth is adjustable from 1.5 inches.

When fully assembled, the machine measures 56 inches by 38 inches by 32 inches. It weighs a paltry 260 pounds. That's not only compact enough for easy storage but also easy to pull.

You'll love the compatibility of the Agri-Fab Multi-Fit Univeral Tow Behind Tiller.

. It comes with a universal pin-type hitch. You can use it with your compact tractor, ATV or lawnmower.


  • Powerful 206 cc Briggs and Stratton engine

  • Six double-edged heavy-duty tines

  • Universal pin hitch for universal compatibility

  • Easy to control

  • Adjustable tilling depth


  • Assembling is a bit tricky with little experience

  • May not be pocket-friendly for an average gardener

2. ATV Tiller with 205cc Briggs and Stratton

It might appear from the name that this pull behind tiller is only for ATVs. The truth is that you can use it with your lawn tractor, or UTV. Its shock-absorbing spring hitch is compatible with a variety of vehicles.

Choose this tiller if you are looking for power and versatility. It comes with a 205 cc Briggs & Stratton engine. Such torque is strong enough to break hard and compacted virgin ground.

The excellent results this tiller delivers rely on its twenty four 12-inch long tines that enable it to dig deeper than most models. A metallic shield guards each of the tines to protect them from rocks and other obstacles.

Each pass tills 36 inches wide to ensure you complete your tasks in the shortest time. It also moves easily even on rough terrains because of the 15-inch pneumatic turf tires. Convenient placement of lift adjustments contributes to ease of use.


  • Works well in all soil and terrain types

  • Universal shock-absorbing spring hitch

  • Hardened and shielded 12-inch tines

  • Wide 36-inch tilling width


  • Quality check is essential

  • Quite expensive

3. 48" ATV Tow-Behind Cultivator 

Here is another of our best tow-behind garden tiller. First, it boasts of a wide 48-inch tilling width, which covers much ground with one pass. Second, it is incredibly easy to operate. Third, it's tough on all types and compactness levels.

The cultivator connects with different types of vehicles through is a pin-style hitch. Ones connected, it stands the same height with the towing vehicle for easy mounting.

The machine's design allows you to adjust the tilling depth. This way, you can match the various till conditions. Besides, a control lever operable by hand easily lets you raise or lower when you reach your target.

This Field Tuff ATV tow-behind tiller has seven shanks with removable shovel tips. You can remove the shovels one you've completed your work for easy storage. It works perfectly with 500cc or higher ATV, UTV or lawn tractor.


  • 13-inch Pneumatic tires ease movement

  • One of the broadest tilling widths

  • Shanks with removable shovels

  • Adjustable depth control

  • Durable powder-coat finish


  • Relies on vehicle power to operate

  • Assembling is not an easy task

4. Roto-Hog Tow Behind Tiller

Save your back and arms from the strain of walk-behind tillers; buy the Roto-Hog Tow-behind tiller. It boasts of 36-inch tilling width. That's about twice as wide as that of the largest walk-behind rototillers.

An independent 205cc Briggs & Stratton engine powers the machine. This 900 series powerhouse delivers up to 9ft-pounds of torque to tear through all types of soil. The engine features a dual-element air filter, a 3-quart fuel tank, and a manual ignition.

Roto-Hog's bolo-style 24 tampered steel tines have a maximum tilling depth of 7-1/2 inches. Such depth, combined with a wide 36-inch path, ensures faster completion of large farms. A powered actuator controls height adjustments that lower and raise the tines.

This ATV tow behind tiller has 14-inch pneumatic tires that boost maneuverability. DP's proprietary Smooth-Trak hitch absorbs the tiller's shock and forward momentum. This prevents transmission of the shock and momentum from the tiller to the vehicle.


  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton engine

  • Wide tilling width

  • Convenient electric start

  • Easy to use controls

  • Strong tampered steel tines


  • Quite expensive compared to competing models

5. Streamline Industrial DISC Cultivator Harrow - 33" Cut Width - Tow Behind ATV UTV & Garden Tractor

Streamline Industrial offers you a powerful machine that will take on all types of soil. It comes with its own 5HP engine that drives the tines. You can mount it on any compatible vehicle through its pin-style hitch.

Its 33-inch tilling width means you can handle a sizeable tilling task with expediency. Each of the seven tines features hardened steel, which can cut through the barren ground. Because of their shovel-style disc design, the tines perform great on all soil types.

The seven tines deliver a combined tilling width of 33 inches. Even better is that you can adjust the tilling height from 1 inch to 6 inches. Furthermore, you can raise or lower the tines via remote control.

Streamline Industrial is an American firm. You will see this clearly from the construction quality of this tow-behind tiller. Its tubular frame is made with heavy-duty steel that will not bow to regular abuse. The rust-resistant coating ensures the machine remains as good as new always.


  • Strong enough for industrial use

  • Wide tilling width of 36 inches

  • Heavy-duty steel construction

  • Powerful engine

  • Easily accessible controls


  • Further customer experience is necessary

Buying Guide

Tillers do the same thing and have standard basic features. However, there are some slight differences that will set some brands apart. It's on this basis that consumers get confused when shopping for tillers of their choice.

Here is a helpful guide to support you in making the right decision. Look out for the following features.

Engine Power or Capacity

Most brands equip their tillers with independent engines to drive the tines. This means all the engine torque focus on powering the tow-behind tiller.

Horsepower describes the power of such engines. The most potent tillers are those delivering more HP. Choose a tiller with a high capacity engine if you'll be dealing with hard, compacted soil. If you aren't sure, go with a little more power than you think you will need. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!


Tow-behind tillers do tedious jobs. So, they must feature strong components and construction materials. Besides, these machines can be too expensive to be replaced frequently.

You can deduce how durable a tiller is by checking a few things - the frame, the tines, finishing, bearings, and so on. Go for heavy-duty tines, high-quality steel frame, powder-coated finishing. As for bearings, you better go with none at all.


Tow-behind tillers require some vehicle to work. You will have to connect it to such a vehicle via a hitch. The commonly used hitch is the pin-style, but some brands also use other types.

Universal pin-hitch is the best because it can mount to almost any type of vehicle. Choose a tiller that can fit with ease on the towing vehicle you intend to use.


What is the size of the farm you wish to till? A large area can take you a lot of time if you buy a tow behind tiller with a small tilling width. In most cases, you will encounter models that are 36-inch or 48-inch wide.

It would be wise to go for the smaller tiller is you have a small area to deal with. The reverse is also true. A single pass with a 48-inch will cover a vast space allowing you to complete the task faster.

You also need to consider the tilling height. A few high-end models allow users to adjust the tilling depth within a specific range. This is crucial because of the differences in soil types.


A pull behind tiller is expensive equipment. Leaving out in the yard or farm is not an option. You also need to store well to protect it from the elements.

The irony here is that larger tillers are more powerful and offer wider tills. So, you must try to strike a balance. Go for a potent machine with an excellent tilling width but still compact enough for secure storage.

You must organize your garage so that you do not get into trouble when you bring your new tiller home.


How easy will it be to pull the tiller with your ATV, riding lawn mower, or tractor? A right quality tiller should maneuver effortlessly on all types of terrains. That's why you need a cultivator with large tires.

The tires should be pneumatic and made from heavy-duty materials. You do not want the tiller tires to go flat while you are in the middle work. Pneumatic tires bounce off objects helping with maneuverability.


Have you thought about buying your own tow-behind tiller because you do not want to rent anymore? That's great, but you need to prepare to spend. These pieces of farm equipment can be expensive. Conduct thorough research while comparing prices of good quality tillers. Expensive is not equal to high-quality. Through proper research, you can be lucky to find top-quality performers affordably. You can also take advantage of discounts and other promotions. These have a way of reducing the price significantly.


Warranty will give you peace of mind concerning your investment. If you are new to these products, the chances are that you do not understand much about them.

A warranty policy means you can return the machine for repair or replacement. This is very important in the case of a manufacturing flaw. The longer the warranty period (say three years), the better as you get to know more about your new acquisition.


Do I really need a tow-behind tiller?

That is up to you. You can use the usual walk-behind garden tiller. However, you may have to contend with the strain it brings on your back and arms. Pull behind tiller will do the work faster and better than manual tillers.

Can I use a pull-behind tiller with my UTV? 

As long as your UTV has a compatible hitch, you can use it. UTVs have enough power to pull the tiller and do a perfect job at the end of the task.

Which is the best tow-behind tiller for virgin land?

So long as the tiller has enough power and sharp tines, it will be able to break hard compacted soil. Go for one with higher horsepower.

How can I know if the tiller will be compatible with my riding mower?

It's simple. Just check the type of hitch the riding mower uses and then match it with that of the desired tow behind tiller.


Now you are conversant with the best tow behind tillers. Do you support our position? If so, which one captures your attention, and why?

Your choice notwithstanding, you must make sure the model you choose serves you well. Remember that the towing vehicle you intend to use must deliver enough power. Thank you for checking out Tow behind tiller users guide. Here are some other articles you may enjoy reading.

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Best Splitting Maul – Buyer’s Guide & Review


Best Splitting Maul – Buyer’s Guide & current Review

Chilly winter or cold nights in the jungle presents numerous health challenges. Even in our houses, it may not be enough to rely on HVAC. No wonder most homes have at least a fireplace. What about making fire in a campsite or during an emergency situation. The needs of fire are limitless. However, one this is sure: You will need to fuel it to burn steadily and continuously. The obvious fuel choice is wood. You will need constant supply of wood. At the center of it all is the best splitting maul.

What Is A Splitting Maul? 

As mundane as it may sound, some people may not know what a splitting maul is. The fact that this tool has many names does not help either. It may go by many other names including sledge axe, blockbuster, hamaxe, block splitter or go-devil. Regardless of what you would call it, a splitting is a type of heavy axe with long handle. It splits pieces of wood along their grains (inside of the wood).

This is not to confuse a splitting maul with a regular axe, also known as splitting axe. A regular axe such as felling axe or clamp axe cuts pieces of wood against their grains. Thus an axe is what you will need to feel a tree by cutting into its bark. In terms of design, splitting mauls feature wedge-shaped heads and longer handles. In terms of usage, a maul swings downwards to split. But, a splitting axe swings across to fell a tree.


Product Name

Our Rating


Fiskars Iso Core Maul 36-inch Five Stars



Estwing Fireside Friend Axe

Four Stars



Husqvarna 32" Wooden Splitting Maul

Four Stars



​​​​Estwing Sportsman's Axe 12"

Four Stars



Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul

Four Stars



Our Pick: Fiskars Iso Core Maul 36-inch

Our number one top recommendation is the Fiskars Iso Core 10lb Maul. It features a versatile 2-face design that allows use as splitting and driving tool. Its anti-shock and anti-vibration capabilities make it ideal for both personal and professional use. Another feature of efficiency is handle flair which offers superior grip. Further protection is provided by Iso Core’s insulation sleeve. The sleeve captures shock before it can reach your hands.

Iso Core delivers superior wood penetration. This is the work of its advanced blade geometry. That means you will split a wood with a single strike. Its 8-pound head features strong steel construction. The steel is coated to improve rust and corrosion resistance. Fiskars has high confidence in their models just like we do. They offer a lifetime warranty. Despite its great quality, the maul is extremely affordable. Thus it will give you value for your money.

How to Choose the Best Splitting Maul

Many questions usually linger in the minds of those out to shop for a particular product. Am I buying the right thing? How can I be sure of its quality and performance? These are just a few of the questions many people ask. Do find yourself asking a question when looking for the best splitting maul to buy? I guess you do. I hope this guide will help answer some of your questions. Here is how to choose a high-quality splitting maul:

1. Weight of the Splitting Maul 

The overall weight of a splitting maul has great bearing on its performance. Generally, heavier models are great performers. This is much of the splitting force comes from the weight of the head. Personally, I would go for maul heads weighing 8 pounds or more. The heavier the poundage, the more force you will be capable of bringing down onto the wood. The result is a faster splitting of logs.

However, there is one drawback with heavier mauls. You will have to use extra effort with each swing. The result is that you will tire faster than you would with lighter models. The good news is that the effort is compensated for by faster splitting prospects. Lighter models will deliver less poundage. It will be difficult to split a log with a single strike. Thus you will do little in a long time.

Base your choice on your physical strength. Choose heavier models if you have the physical strength handle them. When making a choice, keep other users in the back of your mind. It is better to buy a maul that anyone in the family (except kids) can use comfortably. Lighter models can function both as splitting axe and splitting maul.

2. Single-Piece Forging or Socket?

Inspect the way in which the handle mounts into the head. Is the socket strong and durable? The amount of time your maul will serve you depends on the quality of the mount. Some models feature single piece forging. This means no such sockets are necessary. This gives single-piece models excellent durability. There will be minimal chances of the head coming off the socket during use.

Certain models feature wooden and metallic wedges. Good examples are those made of a steel-head and a wooden or plastic handle. These wedges help to fasten the handle to the head. The problem is that such sockets have the tendency failing with time. Imagine what would happen if the head comes off in the middle of a swing. Thus it would be better to go for mauls forged into single-piece.

3. Is The Maul Balanced? 

High-quality mauls should feel balanced when being used. They also provide good leverage for accurate strikes. How do you tell the balance of a maul you have not even used? Balance defines the way the head is weighted in relation to the handle length. It also depends on the overall design and shape of the tool.

Splitting mauls with excellent balance are very easy to use. In fact, you may not need to employ any efforts to split wood. You simply lift the sledge axe. The swing will make use of kinetic energy (physical force) provided by the balanced design. .Yet, few manufacturers have achieved 100 percent balance. So it is your job to find out how a maul feels before you buy it.

In case all components of the maul sit well when brought together, such unit will have good balance. You must know that well-balanced mauls usually need perfect craftsmanship. They are almost always handcrafted. Therefore, they may not necessarily be cheap. Find more about how balanced a particular maul is. Visit online shops and reviews from verified purchasers. In a hardware store, simply take the tool and try swinging it.

4. The Maul’s Handle 

The handle is the point of contact between you and your tool. It determines the grip, comfort, and ergonomics associated with using the maul. Traditional models of splitting mauls feature wooden handles. I bet you will agree that handles made from wood are comfortable and elegant. Today, manufacturers use fiberglass and other composite materials.You can read more about How to Replace a Splitting Maul/Axe Handle.

Such materials are durable and lightweight. However, they may not deliver the same amount of comfort wooden handles provide. Very high-quality models with non-wood handles feature anti-shock and anti-vibration ergonomics. These features will make the mauls easier on your wrists when working.

Grip is extremely important. Ignore it and you can suffer at the handles of your own maul. High-quality models add an anti-slip feature on the handle to prevent unnecessary slippage. Such features are easier to add on handles made of composite materials. Wooden handles are quite fixed. Choose composite material if you are going to use your maul extensively. It sounds funny but mauls with wooden handles are still the most expensive.

5. Wedge Size and Sharpness 

The strength and splitting efficiency of any splitting maul depend on its wedge. A common misconception is that you do not need a sharp wedge to split wood. The fact is that a splitting maul must be sharp. But, it should not have fine edges seen with axes. When shopping for maul, check the edges of its wedge. It should be as sharp as possible.

Wedge size is another important consideration. Large wedges will have higher penetrative force. This will make your work easier and faster. The surface of the wood a large wedge will hit is wide. Such mauls are also heavy. The combination of large, heavy and sharp-edge wedge deliver the best splitting efficiency.

6. Your Budget 

Unless you a millionaire, spending on anything is always a struggle between needs and savings. You have to face the fact that you must take the slightest opportunity to save. Does this mean you are doomed to only buy cheap stuff? By no means should you even consider this? Try to strike a balance between your budget and the quality of the maul you desire. Set aside the amount you are willing to spend. Then you can make your choice based on that budget. Sometimes it pays to buy a high-quality and costly stuff once and for all. A high-quality maul may be a little costly but it will give you years of reliable service.

Top 5 Splitting Maul Reviews


1. Fiskars Iso Core Maul 36-inch

The Fiskars Iso Core is a 10-pound splitting maul with two-face design. It has a splitting face and a driving face. Fiskars is a household brand and one of the most famous. The brand has been providing the market with some of the best garden and outdoor tools. The first of Iso Core’s innovative technology is optimized blade geometry. The blade offers incredible penetrative power. Even the toughest logs will bow to its power.

The maul boasts of Fiskars Iso Core shock system. The system allows the maul to absorb strike shock and vibration. The objective of this patented system is to minimize the beatings your body will have to take with each strike. Iso Core will transfer twice as less vibration and shock compared to other models. This will mean that you can split logs all day long without a problem.

Another incredible feature that sets the Iso Core apart is the handle flair. The feature keeps the maul firmly in your hands while you swing. This means a lot to your safety. It will reduce the chances of accidental slippage that can lead to nasty injuries. To add to your comfort, the maul features an insulation sleeve. The sleeve stretches a few inches from the head. It serves to capture initial shock before it can reach your hands.

To guarantee you years of reliable service, the maul features durable material. The construction material of the head is forged; heat-treated steel. The rust-resistant coating of the steel means the maul will remain looking new after years of use. To crown it, Fiskars show you confidence in the quality of Iso Core 8lb maul by offering a lifetime warranty. Actually, the maul is job site tested and approved before release to the market.


  • Advanced blade geometry guarantees easy wood penetration

  • Two-faced design is versatile

  • Riveted, inseparable head offers excellent durability

  • Soft grip and smart design handle provides for hours of use

  • Handle flair provides for your security


  • Not as beautiful as handcrafted models

  • Missed strikes can break the handle over time

  • Plastic handle is light but has questionable durability


2. Estwing Fireside Friend Axe

Estwing Fireside Friend is a good alternative if for any reason you cannot buy the Iso Core. This 4-pound maul has advanced features that make it ideal for any homeowner or survivor. It presents a nice blue finish that masks its great quality and performance. The maul originates from America. It features premium steel forged into a single piece for unmatched durability. The lack of detachable parts is a blessing. It guarantees strength, durability and years of reliable performance.

The maul features a nylon vinyl handle that provides excellent grip. The handle is extremely good in absorbing shock thus adding to comfort during use. It does this by reducing vibration due to impact by as much as 70 percent. Handling the maul is easy due to superior balance and temper. At 4-pounds, Estwing Fireside Friend is one of the lightest mauls. It can be used by almost anyone who knows how to split logs with a splitting maul.

The maul features a rugged ballistic nylon sheath to ensure your safety. The tool has a tempered 2-3/8-inch cutting edge. This will penetrate through all types of wood, even the hardwoods, for easy cutting. It needs only minimal effort to split even wide logs. This will save you a lot of productive time.


  • High-quality grip reduces shock and vibration

  • Compact in design but lightweight

  • Single-piece forged design is strong and durable

  • Beautiful, hand-polished finish

  • Tempered cutting edge has incredible penetrative power


  • Handle is too short for taller users

  • Too light to split larger logs

  • Single-piece forging is great but limits versatility



3. Husqvarna 32" Wooden Splitting Maul

Husqvarna is a popular brand and for good reasons. They have not disappointed with their 32-inch wooden splitting maul. Permit me to say that this tool is crafted almost to perfection. From design to performance, this unit has an edge over other 32-inch mauls. The head weighs 6.5 pounds, 1.5 pounds shy of that of Iso Core by Fiskars. The heavy head and long handle give this maul superior balance.

It has a double-faced head made of high-quality steel. There is a wedge face for splitting wood and a solid hammer for driving steel wedges. The feature gives the tool high levels of versatility. You can use the tool for more than splitting logs. The long handle is crafted from hardwood. Coupled with a glossy finish, the handle looks luxurious.

The steel two-face head fits the handle perfectly through wood and steel wedges. This ensures the head strongly fits on the handle. Thus it will not detach despite extensive use. The maul will come with a nice leather sheath designed for its wedge. Such sheath protects the wedge from environmental elements. The result is years of service without corrosion or rusting.


  • Splits large logs fast and easy

  • Useful as a sled or in combination with splitting wedge

  • Handcrafted hardwood wooden handle

  • Well-balanced and works accurately

  • A leather sheath protects its wedge


  • The hardwood handle comes unfinished

  • Long handle locks out shorter users


4. Estwing sportsman's Axe 12"

In case you love to split firewood in style then go for the Estwing Sportsman's Axe 12". With a 12-inch handle, it is one of the most compact splitting mauls. The maul is so compact; you can even use it by a single hand. Similar to other Estwing mauls, this tool features single forged piece. The piece is made of strong and durable steel. Such design and construction material means the tool will take on tough woods, but never bow.

It features a weighted wedge design that will ease any chopping and splitting job. The wedge is very sharp and this will split all types of wood with a single strike. The other side of the face is a hammer for driving applications. These are features of versatility. You do not have to worry about discomfort during an extended splitting task. Estwing Sportsman's Axe 12" features a handle made from genuine stacked leather.

For optimal wood penetration, the maul features a sharp and geometric cutting edge. Most wood will split with a single strike that is well-executed. The cutting-edge measures 2-3/8-inch. Its compact size means you can carry it easily without attracting undue attention. The Estwing Special Edition is one of the most affordable splitting mauls in the market.


  • Lightweight and compact in design

  • Stacked leather handle provides superior grip

  • Forged in a single piece for strength and durability

  • Sharp and geometric cutting edge for splitting efficiency

  • An affordable splitting maul


  • Handle too short for taller users

  • More strength required to split wood due lightweight design

  • Pockets on hammerhead not appealing

5. Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul

Truper 32415 may not match the quality and performance of the other splitting mauls we have reviews so far. However, it has salient features that set it apart as a great maul. Its strongest point is affordability. Are looking for a good quality sledge axe yet you have limited cash to spend? I bet Truper 32415 would be an ideal choice.

The tool has a massive 12-pound head with 27-inches handle. The heaviness of the maul makes it ideal for splitting large diameter logs. The weight of the head also means most longs will come apart with a single, well-executed strike. The handle feature medium length stainless steel construction. The handle is rubber guarded to prevent unnecessary slippage during use. Besides excellent grip, the handle is comfortable and ergonomic.

Handcrafting usually allow artists to pay attention to detail. Therefore, the results are always great quality. Truper 32145 is a handcrafted product of a Mexican company. Although made by hand, the maul features modern technology. The result is great balance and leverage. The technology ensures reliable performance of the maul in various applications. The combination of these features will guarantee you quick and efficient results.


  • Durable steel construction

  • Handcrafted for strong, durable and stylish finish

  • Splits large logs swiftly, easily and efficiently

  • Rubber guarded handle provides comfort and protection

  • A highly affordable maul


  • The heavyweight may not auger well with some users

  • The handle should have been longer

  • Comes with blunt blades


I know the information we provided you with is mouthful. Yet, it is what you need to make the right decision in finding the best splitting maul for your needs. Finding a high-quality splitting maul will guarantee you enough supply of firewood for any application. All the brands and models we have included in our review are tested for quality.

Although they differ in quality and performance, we believe they are the best considering their prices. They will deliver performances only comparable to those of extremely expensive models. Now the ball is in your courts. To buy one, simply click the link provided. You will see for yourself why we consider them the best. You can even read real customer reviews to help you make an informed choice.

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