Essential Safety Precautions before Splitting Wood

Essential Safety Precautions before splitting wood

Essential Safety Precautions before Splitting Wood. Before you ever think about picking up any tools, safety must be your number one concern when splitting wood. The impact that results from hitting the log with a splitting maul can send wood pieces into the air at great speeds. Much to the detriment of the user and any other person or pet close by. Besides that, the splitting maul could also accidentally slip from your hands and cause serious harm to you and others. Here are a few essential safety precautions before splitting wood.

How to replace an axe handle


How to replace an axe handle. Swinging a large-impact tool like a splitting axe, it is natural that sometimes you will miss. Each miss has takes a huge toll on both your hands and the handle of the splitting axe, whether wooden or fiberglass. The result is that the handle will give way (or break) or the head of the maul will loose. Wooden handles are more predisposed to breaking while fiberglass handles can last indefinitely. However, broken axe handle does not the end your log splitting work or the usefulness of the tool.

Splitting Axe Vs Splitting Maul


Splitting Axe Vs Splitting Maul Gone are the days when we were forced to chop wood thanks to technological advancement that gave birth to crosscut saws and chainsaws. Wood chopping leads to loss of a lot of wood in terms of useless chips that you leave in the woods to rot. Splitting wood has eliminated […]

Best Splitting Maul – Buyer’s Guide & Review


Best Splitting Maul – Buyer’s Guide & current Review. Chilly winter or cold nights in the jungle presents numerous health challenges. Even in our houses, it may not be enough to rely on HVAC. No wonder most homes have at least a fireplace. What about making fire in a campsite or during an emergency situation. The needs of fire are limitless. However, one this is sure: You will need to fuel it to burn steadily and continuously. The obvious fuel choice is wood. You will need constant supply of wood. At the center of it all is the best splitting maul.

Best Splitting Axe – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


Best Splitting Axe – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews. You’ll be surprised to see the versatile use of a good axe and how effective it can be. Whether you are a casual user or a pro at using an axe, this simple guide will help you to better choose the best tool for your wood. This is a guideline and review based on personal experience while using the axes as well as how other buyers have reacted to its usefulness. After going through this user guide, you’ll get a clear idea of what you should look for in your desired axe. Follow these step by step details to choose the right axe for your particular situation.