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Husqvarna 128ld String Trimmer Review

Husqvarna 128ld String Trimmer Review

A properly maintained lawn is the pride of every homeowner. No garden tool can do the job better than a string trimmer. Not just any string trimmer (also known as commercial weed eater) can do the job. You need to pick a high quality, powerful and performance-oriented trimmer. The model that comes to mind when you talk about commercial weed eaters is the Husqvarna 128ld String Trimmer. As you will learn from this Husqvarna 128ld review, the trimmer has all it takes to deliver exceptional results.

So, what makes this string trimmer so good? The simple answer its unique features and specifications. This gas-powered string trimmer designed to help you with lawn trimming and edging needs. It is the right trimmer to use to cut your overgrown lawn before you can use a lawnmower. Let’s look at the main features before discussing a few pros and possible cons of the Husqvarna 128ld.

Powerful 28cc Engine

Fitted with a 28cc, 2-stroke engine, this trimmer optimized for performance. The engine puts out 1 horsepower which is powerful enough to tame bush-like lawn in no time. As with most gas-powered trimmers, this model uses 100% gasoline, which you need to mix with oil before use. You can buy premixed gas for your convenience.

The 28cc engine specially designed for lower fuel consumption and lower emission levels. Contrary to most 2-stroke engines, this Husqvarna trimmer is a lot quieter than most other competitor models. You won’t need any earplugs when using the machine. Like all gas-powered trimmers, this unit is much more powerful than corded or corded-electric models.

Performance-Oriented Design

This tool fitted with long, straight shaft, which comes in handy if you need to access areas where shorter models cannot reach. This feature gives 128ld the versatility to perform in all environments. The straight shaft also makes the trimmer easy to maneuver.

The machine features an adjustable handle that lets you make adjustments for comfortable use no matter how tall or short you are. The handle features a soft grip, which makes the tool comfortable and ergonomic to handle allowing you to work for more extended periods without pain or discomfort in your hands. The design offers balance and responsiveness when cutting so you always enjoy the best results.

Manageable Weight

While Husqvarna 128ld String Trimmer may not be the lightest commercial weed eater in the market, it is still a lot lighter than many other competitor models in its class. Designed to weigh just 10.8 pounds, this weed eater is light enough for an average weight adult to operate during the entire length of the trimming job without stopping halfway for rest.

It may take you a couple of days to master the machine to use it properly. After that, you will find the machine extremely easy to control. The tool made of strong and durable materials meaning it will serve you for years without breaking and requiring expensive repairs or replacements. Besides, it covered with solid manufacturer warranty.


One of the most beautiful features worth mentioning in this Husqvarna 128ld string trimmer is the Smart Start technology. All Husqvarna trimmers have this feature. It lets you start the machine easily and quickly. Unlike other models that need a lot of strength to start, the 128LD is a sharp contrast. The starter will not fail even during the worst environmental conditions.

Large Cutting Width

The high performance of this commercial weed eater guaranteed by its 17-inch cutting width, which will allow you to get the job done a little faster. In other words, you can trim a significant amount of space is a relatively short time. The machine uses .095 diameter trimming line, which is effective in reducing overgrown grass in a twinkle.


  • High performance due to a powerful gas-powered engine.
  • Large cutting capacity means you will have the work done faster.
  • One of the most affordable string trimmers on the market given its performance.
  • Easy to start, operate and maintain.
  • Operates much quieter and thus safe for your ears.
  • It allows for Husqvarna saw pole attachment.


  • The 2-stroke engine is not as efficient as 4-stroke engines fitted in some competitor trimmer models
  • The Smart Starter feature is excellent but not durable as reported by some users


The Husqvarna 128ld buying guide has given you a starting point if you are looking for high performance, excellent quality string trimmer for your lawn management. Husqvarna is a reputable brand and so you can trust the 128LD commercial weed eater to be of great quality. Given its performance, the trimmer is one of the most affordable. Take your time and try this product. I believe you will like to try it out if you prefer gas-powered trimmers.

Best Chainsaw Chains

Best Chainsaw Chain Reviews

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What determines the efficiency of a chainsaw in cutting wood? I believe the most important determinant is the quality of the cutting chain; you need the best chainsaw chain. To maintain the efficiency of this power tool, many owners believe sharpening the chain frequently is the solution.

However, the process of sharpening the chain can be tiring. Besides, it rarely improves the efficiency of the chainsaw. The wisest decision is to use a brand new chain. But finding the best saw chain is not an easy thing, especially if you have no or little experience with this chainsaw accessory.

You have to use the right chain. Sawing away with the wrong chain increases the risk of dangerous kickbacks. There is also the risk of the chain binding. Furthermore, a wrong chain would make the job of sawing a tough and time-consuming.

So, how do you go about buying the best chain for your chainsaw? Do you simply walk into a hardware store and pay for the first chain that catches your attention? I guess not. That is why I have evaluated the top brands of chainsaw chains based on their design, performance, construction, customer reviews and price.

Before reviewing the top 7 chainsaw chains currently in the market, let’s first discuss the types of chain available.

Image Product Name Size Price
Husqvarna 531300439 Saw Chain


Husqvarna 531300441 Saw Chain 


Oregon S56 Chainsaw Chain


Oregon R34 Micro-Lite Chainsaw Chain


Oregon S52 Chainsaw Chain


Oregon D70 Chainsaw Chain


STIHL 26RS Chainsaw Chain


Types of Chainsaw Chains

Only three types of chains for chainsaws are available in the market. Having knowledge about these types will greatly help you in decision making so that you can buy the best accessory for your tool.

1. Chisel Chains 

You will identify chisel chains by inspecting their teeth. Such chains feature square cornered teeth. This gives them the ability to cut into material very fast. They also have the largest number of teeth of all the three types. These attributes result in the smoothest cutting outcomes.

2. Semi-Chisel chains 

On inspection, these chains feature round cornered teeth. They come with the fewest number of teeth of the three types. Although about 10 percent slower than the chisel chains, the semi-chisel chains are capable of retaining sharpness for a bit longer.

3. Skip Chisel Chains 

This type of chainsaw chain has the fewest number of teeth of the three types. They feature extended bars from one tooth to another. This design makes them great choices in tasks that require the chain to hold wood chips with much greater aloofness before letting go. An example of tasks that require extend bars is tree felling.

Skip chisel chains will remain sharp for extended periods. They are also capable of handling larger tasks before wearing down. Because of the design of the teeth, this type of chains has the largest risk of kickbacks.

Top 7 Best Chainsaw Chains Reviews

I have selected 7 of the best chainsaw brands that will not only provide you with great performance but also value for your investment. If none of the 7 models fits your needs, you can use my in-depth and accurate buying guide to make an informed choice.

1. Husqvarna 531300439 18” Pixel Saw Chain

This chainsaw chain from Husqvarna. It has well-designed drive links that will fit perfectly into the guide of your chainsaw. These features, in combination with great efficiency, make the Husqvarna 531300439 one of the best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood as well as other tasks.

Another great feature of this saw chain is its compatibility. It is compatible with all 18-inch chainsaws from Husqvarna. You also use it with other 18-inch chainsaws from other brands. The distance between its drive links (pitch) measures .325-Inch with 0.50-inch gauge.

The chain is high performance and low vibration. It does adjudge an edge comfortably with minimal stretching. Sharpening the chain when it gets dull is very easy. It is even better if your chainsaw is self-sharpening. Husqvarna 531300439 is easy to install, durable and fits perfectly. This chain is a great choice for professional tasks in demanding conditions common with commercial use.

2. Husqvarna 531300441 20-Inch Saw Chain 

If you own 55 Rancher, 455 Rancher, 460 Rancher 257, 261, 262 XP, 359 and, 460 Husqvarna chainsaws, this is the perfect saw chain for you. The Husqvarna 531300441 20-inch is one of the most versatile, high-performance chains for chainsaws. It’s capable of making quick cuts through different materials.

Its 3/8-inch pitch, 050 gauge cutting chain saws easily through the toughest woods. It features Husqvarna’s technology that ensures low vibration and minimal risks of kickbacks. The result is reduced user fatigue as well as optimal safety during use.

This unit is engineered for 20-inch guide bar chainsaws. When combined with the fast cutting ability and sawing power, the chain can efficiently handle large diameter woods with ease.

The Husqvarna 531300441 is extremely durable and lightweight. It can slice through hardwood with speed and ease yet maintain sharpness for extended periods. The chain is also easy to install and retains sharpness for extended periods. It is also one of the most affordable chainsaw chains in the market.

3. Oregon S56 AdvanceCut 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain

The Oregon S56 AdvanceCut saw chain is one of the best choice semi-chisel chains for your 16-inch chainsaw. It is compatible with Echo, Craftsman, Homelite, Remington and Poulan brands. Oregon engineered this chain for precision cutting.

Its cutter chain is heat-treated and hard-chromed for long lasting sharpness and durability. The chrome-plated cutters provide hard surface and better resistance to wear. You will thus spend more time cutting and less time grinding or filing the chain.

The brilliant design of the chain ensures it cuts smooth and fast with minimum vibration and kickbacks. It was thus created for DIY enthusiasts because of its dependable performance and incredible durability. The Oregon induction technology hardens and quenches all the rivets of the saw chain. This delivers great quality load bearing surface that improves strength and resists wear.

The resultant minimal chain stretch and wear means fewer adjustments needed for the chain tension. Another great feature of the S56 AdvanceCut is the LubriTech Oiling System. This system automatically lubricates the chain and the guide bar resulting in less downtime.

4. Oregon R34 8-Inch Micro-Lite Chainsaw Chain

Made to fit 8-inch Remington and Poulan brands of pole saws, the R34 MicroLite saw chain is among the best you can find in the market. It is brilliantly engineered to deliver the same dependable performance of the Oregon brand.

As is evidenced with the preceding Oregon chainsaw chain review, this unit is homeowners’ and professionals’ delight. Advanced engineering technology ensures tough, dependable and high-performance cutters. Oregon made these chains specifically for pole chains known for their versatility and lightweight.

The saw has a narrow kerf .043 gauge and 3/8-inch pitch. This boosts efficiency and needs less power compared to standard chains. Such design makes the chain to remove less wood fiber during operation.

Classified by UL as low-kickback saw chain, the Micro Lite is one of the safest chains to use with your pole saw. It also operates with low vibration making the chain very easy to use. You have to carry out some research to ensure you buy the correct chain for your pole saw.

5. Oregon S52 AdvanceCut 14-Inch Chainsaw Chain 

Similar to its cousin reviewed above, the S52 AdvanceCut saw chain is compatible with 24-inch guide bar chainsaws from Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, and Poulan. However, you may need to confirm compatibility before you make a purchase because not all brands mentioned are compatible.

Like the latest Oregon chains, this model feature semi-chisel type of cutting chain that is chrome plated and heat-treated. This improves durability and wear resistance. The unique cutting design of the chain delivers smooth cuts with minimum kickbacks and vibration. The low vibration design reduces the vibration by 25 percent.

The chain features 3/8-inch pitch, .050-inch gauge with 52 drive links. These engineering features are meant to improve safety, quality, and performance of the product. An advanced LubriTech Oiling system ensures that the chain and the guide bar is lubricated automatically. This improves the durability of these parts and minimizes the tool’s downtime.

You can buy this incredibly affordable 14-inch chainsaw if you are a DIY homeowner in need of a dependable tool to maintain the trees in your property.

6. Oregon D70 20-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Designed for saw sizes 50 to 100 cc, the Oregon D70 20-inch saw chain is a great choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. It features an innovative design that allows it to provide users with unequaled durability, safety, and performance.

In terms of durability, the precision cutting chain is hard-chromed and heat-treated. These attributes give it unraveled resistance against wear. Oregon’s LubriTech Oiling system keeps the chain and the guiding bar lubricated at all times to improve their lives and lower the tool’s downtime.

Hardened rivets deliver premium quality load-bearing surface capable of resisting wear and improving strength. The result is lower chain tension which means the tool will work for longer periods before requiring any adjustments.

With 3/8-inch pitch and .050-inch gauge, the chain will handle large diameter woods even hard varieties fast and with ease. As such, the chain is great for both homeowners and professionals who need to tackle larger tasks. This accessory is compatible with most Echo, Oregon, Craftsman, Homelite, Poulan, as well as McCulloch 20″ saws.

7. ​STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain 

STIHL Rapid Super chainsaw is what you need if your 20″ chainsaw has to work perfectly. It is considered one of the fastest cutting chainsaw chains in the market. Besides, it is a reduced vibration model that features a cutter and a tie strap design. Such design considerably reduces vibration levels while still making use of the full chisel cutter technique.

Chain friction too is minimal. This results from the chain’s razor-edged, squared-cornered cutter design. The minimal friction offers an incredibly smooth and clean cut in frozen as well as hard wood. These features ensure that STIHL 26RS Rapid Super offers exceptional efficiency when it comes to cutting and even plunge-cutting.

Although the chain cuts superfast, it needs more careful maintenance and sharpening if it must perform optimally. These features make the 26RS suitable for higher power 20-inch chainsaws normally used in forestry and industry including limbing, felling and bucking. In other words, the chain is ideal for professional cutters with stupendous needs.

In terms of specifications, the chain’s pitch measurement is .325 inches and a .63 gauge. It is crucial that you check compatibility of the chain with your saw before you buy it. Generally, the chain is compatible with 20″ Farm Boss series and various models from STIHL.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Chainsaw Chain

I’m highly optimistic that you have found the chainsaw chain among the models and brands in my review. The features I have preferred to highlight should give you an idea of what the best chain entails when it comes to the performance of chainsaws.

The various features of the chains make very little differences in the performance of the chain. More importantly, they determine the fit or compatibility of the chain with a chainsaw. The overall performance of a chainsaw is, therefore, the power and quality of the tool itself.

Conversely, a few chain factors influence how effective the chain will be in cutting. These are the factors you need to consider before buying the best chain for your chainsaw.

1. Chain Size 

The size of the chain you intend to buy must match the size of the guide bar on your chainsaw. The size is given in terms of inches and is always labeled on the tool’s body. For instance, if your chainsaw has a bar measuring 18 inches, you must find a chain measuring 18 inches.

A mismatch would result in a non-fitting accessory or the saw will be too loose to cut. You can find the information about the chain size displayed on the package of the new chain. In case you doubt, you can manually measure it with a measuring tape.

2. The Chain Gauge and Pitch 

Both the gauge and pitch of the chain determine the level of vibration as well as the tension of the chains as it sits on the guide bar. The exact measurements of the pitch are gauge are always on the package of the chain.

However, I strongly advise you against relying on the recommendations labeled on the package about the saw brands they can fit. The information may be wrong. So, it is important that you confirm with the manufacturer via a phone call, email or any other appropriate communication method.

3. Anti-Kickback Ability 

Kickback is extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, it is a problem that many chainsaw brands have and it has all to do with the chain. Kickback is very common with saws that can cut hardwood very fast.

It occurs when the cutting parts of the chain get stuck in the wood while the machine is in full throttle. The force of the reaction pushes back on the operator. This can lead to serious injury.

Buy a chainsaw chain that is armed by anti-kickback ability. However, this important safety feature may negatively affect the traction of the chain. I believe your safety is more important.

4. Low-Vibration Feature 

Vibrations are not good for the performance of any chain. It affects the traction and effectiveness of the chain during the process of cutting. This leads to energy wastage. The good news is that high-quality chains are fitted with features that minimize vibrations.

Chains without the low-vibration feature will cut slowly and less efficiently. Another common cause of vibration is installing a chain with the wrong gauge. Ensure the gauge of the chain you are investing in is a perfect match to that of your chainsaw.

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Tips on How to Change the Chainsaw Chain

A well cared for chainsaw does not require frequent chain replacements. However, sharpening of the chain’s teeth is necessary after every 2 uses. Generally, I would recommend that you replace the chain once you see any signs of reduced efficiency.

Ensure the replacement chain you want to install perfectly fits your chainsaw. Do this by using a measuring tape to measure from the base of the guide bar to the nose. This determines the size or length of the saw and therefore the size of the chain.

Alternatively, you can manually count the number of drive links that spread over the chain. The drive links are present on the inner aspect of the chain. They slot into the bar. Once you confirm the compatibility, you can embark on the process of changing the chainsaw chain.

Indications for Changing the Chainsaw Change 

Many reasons will prompt you to replace the chainsaw chain. If you notice any of them, do not procrastinate. Go ahead and replace the chain as quickly as possible. Here are the common reasons:

Broke Cutting Teeth: This happens when the chain hits a hard thing such as a metal or a rock during operation. With any teeth missing, the chain will not be able to cut smoothly and efficiently.

Reduce or Filed Down Teeth: After several sharpening, the cutting teeth will reduce in size. This will affect the efficiency of the chainsaw. It will also increase the risk of teeth breaking off, a dangerous development

Loose or Sagging Chain: Initially, you will be able to tighten the chain when it becomes loose. After a certain point, further tightening will not be possible. The chain won’t be taught against the guide bar. The danger of chain breaking is real in this case and that warrants replacement.

Cutters Greatly Reduced In Size: In certain circumstances, the cutters tend to wear faster than the chain. If this happens, it is a true indication that the chain needs replacing. Without replacement, you will experience insufficient or excessive pull which interferes with the cutting efficiency of the chain.

Things You Need

  • Chainsaw
  • Replacement chain
  • Screwdrivers
  • Scwrench or wrench
  • Socket
  • Lubricant

Step 1: Observe Safety

The process is not so cumbersome and takes a short time. Due to the nature of chainsaw parts, it is always important to safeguard yourself from any dangers even when the tool is not in use. Before you do anything, ensure you disconnect the spark plug. This will stop any chance of the tool starting up.

Step 2: Remove the Side Plates of the Guide Bar  

Begin by removing the guide bar side panel. Most brands have two nuts or screws holding the side plate. Use your Scwrench, wrench or screwdriver to unscrew the nuts. Remove the plate to access the old chain.

Sometimes, the brake of a chainsaw is attached to the saw’s guide bar side plate. In case your chainsaw has this attachment, ensure you unlock the brake before proceeding. Removing the side plate with the brake locked can make reinstalling the plate difficult if not impossible.

Step 3: Release the Chain’s Tension

Now that you have removed the side plates, you can release the chain tension. This will allow the chain to come off. Pull the nose of the guide bar away from the chainsaw. This will release the chain from the tensioner.

Step 4: Remove the Old Chain

Do this by pulling the drive links away from the guide bar and then slip the other end of the chain around the saw’s clutch drum. This will remove the chain with ease from the guide bar with everything attached to it.

After removing the chain, locate the whereabouts of the tensioning screw on the inner aspect of the sidebar. Loosen it just a little bit. This process will greatly ease the process of installing a new chainsaw chain.

Step 5: Put In Place the Replacement Chain

With great care, thread your sharpened or newly acquired chain around the clutch drum of your chainsaw. Ensure that the drive links engage in the chainsaw’s sprocket. Continue by threading the remaining portions of the drive links into the guide bar and over its nose.

Step 6: Perform the Guide bar Alignment

Following proper threading of the chain along the guide bar and drum clutch, apply some tension into the chains by pulling on the guide bar’s nose away from the saw. A point to note is that you make sure that you seat the guide bar onto the adjustment pin of the saw.

Step 7: Reinstall the Side Panel and Tighten the Chain Tension

The side panel easily installs back if the guide bar is correctly placed beneath. Replace the plate and nuts or screws that hold it in place. Only tighten the nuts slightly at this moment.  This is because the guide bar will need some little movement while you will be tightening to the right tension.

Reach for the tensioning screw to the side of your chainsaw’s sidebar to adjust the tension on the new chain. To finish the replacement, tighten the nuts holding the side plates in place.

Final Verdict

Did you enjoy my chainsaw chains reviews and buying guide? I hope you did. As a DIY enthusiast, I find this review incredibly beneficial. If only I had it before I set out to buy a replacement chain for my Husqvarna chainsaw. The review captures all the important things concerning finding the best chain for your chainsaw.

Using the information here can make the process of buying a replacement chain an easy exercise for you. Not only will you buy the best chain but also be able to replace it successfully within minutes. Please, feel free to comment and share this information with others if you find it helpful.

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Best Sprinkler Heads

Best Sprinkler Heads – [Pop Up & Rotor Buying Guide]

Are you unsatisfied by your sprinkler or find it hard to water your lawn easily even after investing in a high-end system? Probably it may be the quality of the sprinkler head.

Worse still, you realize that even after spending much time, you still don’t get great results and end up using a lot of water and some parts get over-watered or under-watered.

To prevent all these frustrations, you need to invest in a quality sprinkler head. However, with the ever-increasing number of brands in the market today, it can be overwhelming to determine the right model.

To make it easy for you, we have reviewed the top sprinkler heads in the market today. We have also written a detailed guide to help you select the right product that perfectly matches your needs.

Image Product Name Our Rating Price
Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler
Rain Bird 1804VAN – 4″ Professional Pop-up Sprinkler

Rain Bird Rotor Heads 5​000 Rotor Sprinkler Heads

Hunter PGP-adj Rotor Sprinkler Heads
Orbit 55662 Voyager II Sprinkler Spray Head

Top 5 Best Sprinkler Heads

1. Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00004SDVX” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”outdoorgar0b9-20″ width=”500″]

In case you may be looking for a sprinkler head for large lawn, then this series from Melnor may be an excellent pick for you. Its powerful Turbo drive motor delivers great performance to get the job done.

With this sprinkler head, you can now say goodbye to clogged nozzles. Thanks to its 18 high precision rubberized nozzles which facilitate easy dispensation of your water during sprinkling even on the most demanding projects.

Integrated into this amazing tool are easy to use tabs which deliver even watering while preventing any chances of overwatering or underwatering. What’s more, its zoom control feature allows you to zoom in or out to customize your watering area for up to 4200 sq. ft.

Watering narrow lawns is easy with its twin control adjusters which are specifically designed to help you adjust your sprinkler to your preferred coverage area. The melnor sprinkler head is a quality tool that has been designed to offer unmatched performance.

  • Powerful motor for delivering unrivaled sprinkling experience
  • Has width control features for zooming in and out to fit your preferred coverage area of up to 4200 sq. ft.
  • Water flow control for overwatering with clog resistant rubber nozzles even when at maximum pressure
  • Optimal pressure of up to 100 (psi) for watering large gardens faster
  • Saves water with its easy to control tabs which sprinkle water on the required area
  • Control tabs require careful handling to avoid damaging them
  • Putting excessive pressure may stop the oscillation
  • Its plastic knob is not that durable

2. Rain Bird 1804VAN – 4″ Professional Pop-up Sprinkler

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”396″ identifier=”B00ML3ILG4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”outdoorgar0b9-20″ width=”500″]

Boasting of five 1804 Variance Arc Nozzle, this Rain Bird spray head is professionally designed to help you keep your lawn well hydrated. Its 4” pop up head gives your full adjustability from 0 to 360 degrees a great feature which enables you to customize it to suit your preferred water throw area without using any tool. This is one of the best pop up sprinkler heads on the market right now.

Usually, when watering, your sprinkler head may get blocked by the already mowed grass making the watering process difficult. Rain Bird understands all these challenges and has ensured that the pop-up height is ideal for use in any type of grass making this model.

  • Easy to adjust nozzles
  • 4” pop-up height for preventing blockage
  • Exposed surface diameter 2 ¼” and 6” body height for efficiency
  • Each head has an adjustable nozzle installed in it for easy water pressure control
  • Fully adjustable 1804 nozzles for adjusting water throw area
  • Does not come with a user manual
  • Requires you to double check if its compatible with your system since it has no return policy
  • Does not come with spare nozzles which require careful handling

3. Rain Bird Rotor Heads 5000 Rotor Sprinkler Heads

Enjoy a smooth sprinkling experience with this Rain Bird Head. The model touts of its 40 to 360-degree arc-rotating head which enables you to adjust the water throw distance. Its heavy-duty spring is specifically designed for positive pop-down making the sprinkling experience easy and fun.

A full circle rotor evenly fires bursts of water with a throw radius of between 25 to 50ft with a reverse full circle rotation minimizing any chances of overwatering or underwatering.

It comes with 3 GPM pre-installed nozzles which allows you to customize your system to suit your needs without wasting much time. With its 4” pop-up height, you can say goodbye to grass blocked nozzles, making the entire process smooth and manageable.

  • ¾” inlet for optimal water supply to the system and maintaining pressure and preventing water turbulence
  • Has a full circle rotor which throws water evenly minimizing any chances of underwatering or overwatering
  • Has a 4-inch popup head which prevents nozzle blockage when watering lawns
  • Comes with 3GPM pre-installed nozzles which helps save installation time
  • Delivers a throw radius of between 25 to 50 ft
  • Has 5000 rotor heads which deliver great performance for an easy and smooth sprinkling experience
  • Does not come with extra nozzles
  • Adjustment screw heads may be challenging to adjust
  • Does not come with a user manual

4. Hunter PGP-adj Rotor Sprinkler Heads

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”330″ identifier=”B00NCAME18″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”outdoorgar0b9-20″ width=”500″]

In case you may be looking for a sprinkler head for dirty water then this model from Hunter could be an excellent pick for you. The model features 4 PGP rotary heads with seven pre-installed nozzles in each head which helps fire water evenly.

The rotor heads are adjustable between 50 to 360 degrees giving you the freedom to customize the throw distance to suit your needs. Its internal gear drive is tolerant of dirty water, a great feature which makes it stand out from other models.

Unlike most models which require you to assemble some parts, with this sprinkler head you do not have to worry about that. Everything comes assembled giving you the freedom to do what you do best; water your field. That’s not all; each pack comes with an adjustment tool which makes it easy for you to customize it to suit your preferences.

  • Comes with pre-installed nozzles saving assembly time
  • Recommended for use with dirty water
  • Adjustable rotor heads which give full flexibility
  • Each pack comes with an adjustment tool for easy operation
  • No nozzle racks for each head
  • Does not come with extra nozzle heads
  • User manual not included

5. Orbit 55662 Voyager II Sprinkler Spray Head

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B001SN81CC” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”outdoorgar0b9-20″ width=”241″]

This orbit sprinkler head is specifically designed for medium to large sized lawns. It touts of its highly reliable gear drive which delivers unmatched performance without making noise. Unlike any other standard sprinkler head, you may find out there, this Orbit 55662 series is loaded with great features to make your maintenance project easy and fun.

Its 4-inch pop-up height helps reduce nozzle blockage which may impact the water throw distance and pressure which may consequently lead to uneven watering. The spray is adjustable and allows you to customize it between 20 to 40 ft as preferred.

One feature which makes this sprinkler head to stand out from other models is its compatibility with other gear rotor drives like Toro, Rain Bird, and Hunter. Comes with adjustable key and 8 bonus nozzles.

  • Adjustable spray nozzles between 20 to 40 ft to suit your preferred coverage area
  • Compatible with other popular brand gear drive rotors
  • Has a 4-inch pop-up height which helps prevent nozzle blockage
  • Quiet and durable gear drive
  • Ideal for medium to large sized lawns
  • Undetailed user manual
  • Leaks when seal wears out
  • You may encounter challenges when installing

Things to consider when buying a sprinkler head

Relying on traditional sprinkling methods can be time-consuming and chances are you will not get great results. A sprinkler is one of the important tools you will need to water your crops, lawn, and large gardens while giving the same impact as rainfall. However, sprinkler heads are of different types and not every model out there will work for you. Choosing one may be at times time-consuming but with this guide, you can easily identify your right model.

And here is what to look for in a sprinkler head.

Sprinkler head type

Sprinkler heads come in different types in regards to the water distribution method they use to sprinkle water which include:

Impact rotors 

Rotary head sprinklers are efficient and have nozzles heads which are designed to distribute water in an arc form between 40 to 360 degrees. They efficiently distribute even quantities of water which helps prevent any chances of underwatering or overwatering.

Compared to other types, rotary sprinklers use less water which makes them a great pick for people who live in a water-scarce area or are looking forward to saving water bills.

Pop-up sprinklers

Pop-up sprinkler heads have nozzles which are designed to distribute water in different patterns with a radius of 3 to 15 inches. Each nozzle features a specific pattern for distributing water to match your landscape contours.

They provide better absorption and come in different heights of 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 12”. Selecting the small pop-up height of 2 -inches will not evenly water your lawn and you will end up with some dry spots.

To prevent all these frustrations and prevent the nozzles from getting blocked by the already mowed grass, you should select a pop- up height of 4-inches and above. If you are looking forward to watering shrubs and ground cover go for models with 6” or 12” tall.

Field size and shape

Different sprinkler heads are designed for varied fields. A wrong choice will always impact your watering experience. Let your field size and shape help you choose the right sprinkler head. For instance, if you need to water large sized area, you will need to go for a rotor sprinkling head to help you cover a large area within a short period of time while saving on water at the same time.


Sprinkler heads are designed using brass, bronze, plastic, or a combination of these materials. Models designed using plastics will cost lower but will not last long. If durability is what you are looking for in a sprinkler head then you should opt for a brass or bronze material.

However, if your budget doesn’t allow you, you can opt for an affordable plastic model. with proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy using your sprinkler head for generations to come.

Compatibility with other brands

Some models are only compatible with sprinkling systems of the same brand while others can be fitted to other brands and still deliver great performance. Though quality and sprinkler impact play a significant role when choosing a sprinkler head, investing on one that can accommodate other popular brands is a plus feature which will give you flexibility.

Noise levels

Technology has diversified and slowly more and less noisy sprinkler heads are replacing older models. However, some of them may be slightly noisy and can be a challenge to use especially in residential areas. If you are looking for a sprinkler head with quiet operation, then selecting a gear driven model is an excellent pick for you.

Type of water to be used

While some sprinkler heads will allow you to use dirty water without getting clogged, others will not. This means you can only use fresh clean water which at times may be costly. Investing in a model that allows you to use dirty or hard water will give you the freedom to recycle or harvest rainwater and use it during summer or spring helping you save on water bills.


Warranty is one of the overlooked features when shopping for sprinkler heads. Most people rush to make a purchase without even taking time to read and understand the manufacturer terms and conditions only to realize that they did not get the right sized head and the producer does not have a return policy.

Great manufacturers care about their consumers and will stretch further to cover them.  Before making your purchase, you should get to know whether you are covered and if you are, for how long. Longer warranty period gets you covered in case the unexpected happens.

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Final Verdict

Whether it’s during the summer or spring season, investing on a quality sprinkler head is one of the greatest investments for keeping your lawn, flower beds, and crop fields well-hydrated.  The tools are designed with great features to allow you to water field of different sizes and shapes with the same impact you will get during the rainy season.

While owning one comes along with massive benefits, you will only enjoy them by selecting the right model. All the top 5 best sprinkler heads we have reviewed above are fit for different user needs and are a great pick if chosen according to your needs. When choosing your preferred model, factor in your budget, design, noise levels, field size and ease of maintenance.

7 Best Lawn Mower Lifts in 2022 [Buying Guide]

Whether you have to change the blades or carry on routine maintenance, the best lawn mower lifts can help you raise your riding lawn mower while staying safe. Using rudimentary raising methods or inadequate equipment could not only damage your machine, it could become potentially life-threatening if the heavy mowing equipment falls while you’re working under it.

It’s often easy to forget about safety when we’re so focused on getting the job done. Protecting yourself from injuries though should be your #1 priority both at work and at home.

If you use an adequate lawn mower lift to raise your equipment, you’ll dramatically reduce the risks of damaging your machine and getting injured.

Image Product Name Capacity Price
MoJack PRO Lawn Mower Lift 


MoJack EZ Max Lawn Mower Lift


Pro Lift T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift


Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift


Pro Lift T-5300 Lawn Mower Jack Lift 


Goplus lawn Mower Lift


MoJack ZR Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift


Top 7 Best Lawn Mower Lift Reviews

Read the lawn mower lift reviews below to make sure your new equipment is fit for you and that it will live up to the expectations.

1. MoJack PRO Lawn Mower Lift 

The MoJack PRO is undoubtedly the best you could get your hands on. It is compatible with virtually all residential lawn tractors and zero turn mowers, handling wheel spans between 31.5 and 62.5 inches.

Impressive lifting capacity of 750lbs ensures the possibility to lift even heavyweight equipment up to 28 inches high. Sufficient clearance for routine maintenance and blade substitution.

The drill-turned design is ideal for most lawn owners. It gives you the possibility to lift the mower either with a power drill, but also manually with the included lever. Furthermore, the unit folds compactly for easy transport and storage.

Easy to assemble, easy to use, and reliable, this lawn mower lift is undoubtedly worthy of the best in the class title.


  • Fits most lawn tractors and zero turn mowers on the market
  • 750lbs lifting capacity
  • Manual or power drill lifting
  • Foldable for compact storage
  • Easy to assemble


  • The paintwork may have some scratches
  • It needs constant lubrication

2. MoJack EZ Max Lawn Mower Lift

If you don’t need a lot of lifting capacity and would rather save a buck, the MoJack EZ Max could be a great alternative. Coming from the same brand, this lawn mower lift features most of our top pick’s qualities.

The main difference between the two units is the lower lifting capacity of the EZ Max, of only 450lbs.

Nevertheless, the lift is still capable of handling most residential lawn tractors and zero turn mowers. It’s compatible with wheel spans between 18.5 and 47.5 inches, and it can lift your mowing equipment up to 24 inches high.

You can raise this mechanical lift either manually or with a power drill; furthermore, the unit also boasts a patented design that makes assembly a breeze.


  • 450lbs lifting capacity
  • Reliable and rather inexpensive
  • Lift mower up to 24 inches high
  • Dual lifting modes
  • Foldable for easy storage


  • Lowering the lift could be difficult
  • Some parts feel a bit flimsy

3. Pro Lift T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift

Fairly lightweight for a lawn mower lift and really easy to use, the Pro Lift T-5335A is ideal for smaller lawn tractors and zero turn mowers. It can handle machines with a wheel span between 40-3/4 and 49-3/8 inches, lifting up to 350lbs at 23 inches high.

That’s a bit less lifting capacity than our favorite picks; nonetheless, you’ll still have plenty of clearance for sharpening or changing the blades, changing the belt, or cleaning the deck.

A thing we like about this machine is its rubber padded platform designed to prevent scratching your machine. Another great design feature is the non-slip foot pedal that allows a quick and effortless lifting of the load.

This lawn mower lift is easily maneuverable, and it can be adjusted to work with a wide range of machines. Dependable and reliable, this is our favorite hydraulic lawn mower lift.


  • Ideal for smaller riding lawn mowers
  • 350lbs lifting capacity
  • Rubber padded platform and safety lock
  • Foot pedal lifting mechanism


  • The mower might slip easier than expected

4. Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift

The Pro Lift T-5305 is another great choice for people operating a bigger lawn mower. It can lift up to 500lbs at over 26 inches. The wide wheel span compatibility gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to what equipment it can or can’t handle.

Adjusting between 19-1/4 and 42-1/2 inches, this lift can raise most zero turn mowers, lawn tractors, ATVs, and even heavier push mowers.

The hydraulic lifting mechanism is easy to use thanks to the foot pedal. Furthermore, engaging and disengaging the safety locking levers is also easy. Backed by a 90-day limited warranty, versatile, and dependable, this lawn mower lift can easily satisfy most homeowners.


  • 500lbs lifting capacity
  • Adjustable wheel span up to 42.5 inches
  • 26-inch lifting height
  • Hydraulic foot pedal
  • Safe and easy to use


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Paintwork could be improved

5. Pro Lift T-5300 Lawn Mower Jack Lift

Smaller but reliable, the T-5300 is nothing but the smaller brother of the T-5305 above. This lawn mower lift will surely bring satisfaction and is more affordable for those who don’t need a too high lifting capacity.

This model can raise up to 300lbs and impresses with a lifting height of 22 inches. Compatible with wheel spans between 17-1/4 and 41-1/4 inches, this lawn mower lift also gives you all the flexibility you need to deal with your lawn and garden care equipment.

From smaller riding mowers to push mowers and even ATVs, you can use this lift for most of your machines.

Just like the other Pro Lift units on this list, the T-5300 comes with a hydraulic lifting mechanism operated by a foot pedal. Easily maneuverable, adjustable, and affordable, this is great equipment to add to your arsenal.


  • Hydraulic lifting mechanism
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for smaller riding mowers
  • Adjustable wheel span


  • The lift seems a bit flimsy, but it works wonderfully

6. Goplus Mower Lift

A sturdier but also more expensive lawn mower lift to consider if you need a 300lbs capacity unit, the Goplus Mower Lift is a piece of well-built hydraulic equipment that can lift your machines up to 25 inches.

An adjustable width makes it ideal to use with machines with a wheel span between 36 and 50.5 inches. While great for most residential riding mowers, this unit is less suitable for lifting smaller ATVs or self-propelled push mowers.

Similar to the Pro Lift units, this lift boasts a hydraulic system operated by a foot pedal. Not only it’s easy to use, but it’s also easy to move.

In fact, this unit comes with wheels that ensure easy transport from one place to another. It’s also easy to assemble, and if you don’t feel like putting it together, you can always get expert assembly for a small extra cost.


  • Adjustable width and lifting height
  • 300lbs maximum load weight
  • Mobility wheels for easy transport
  • Easy to operate from the foot pedal
  • Expert assembly available


  • It could be damaged during delivery
  • Poor customer support

7. MoJack ZR Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift

The MoJack ZR is ideal for all residential users looking after no-frills equipment. This scissors lawn mower lift is durable and reliable, lifting seamlessly up to 250lbs.

It has a lifting height capacity of 20 inches and is ideal for the smaller lawn tractors and zero turn mowers with a wheel span of up to 43.5 inches.

Like all scissors lifts, the unit is easy to operate; it comes with a hand lever, and you can also lift it with a power drill. We also like that it folds flat for compact transport and storage. What we like less is the rather high cost, considering its capacity.

If you don’t mind the premium though and need a reliable machine, this riding lawn mower lift is undoubtedly a great choice.


  • Adjustable wheel span measurement between 17.5 and 43.5 inches
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • 2-year warranty for residential use
  • 250lbs lift capacity


  • The straps coming with the lift are not very strong
  • A bit on the expensive side

How We Chose Our Selection of Lawn Mower Lifts

Besides subjective considerations, such as the size and weight capacity of a lift, there are also a few objective criteria that come into play when choosing the best lawn mower lifts. To make sure all units on this list can live up to expectations, we checked the following things:

Build quality

A lawn mower lift must be able to hold the load securely to prevent any risks of injury or death. All lifts that have made it to our list are praised for their built quality and functionality, despite some of them looking a bit flimsy.


The easier way to assess the quality of a product is by checking its verified reviews. We read hundreds to make sure every lawn mower lift we mentioned represents a good investment. Whether you need a smaller tool for smaller riding mowers or push mowers or a heavy-duty lift for a semi-commercial unit, all units in this article can surely serve their purpose perfectly.


Assessing what is a good price for a riding mower lift is tricky. A high price doesn’t necessarily mean high quality, and likewise, a cheap lift can bring the quality you’d expect from a top-in-class pick. Regardless of their actual cost, all lawn mower lifts in this article bring exceptional value for money.

Lawn Mower Lift Buying Guide

Lifting your riding lawn mower is essential for maintenance and occasional repairs. If you don’t want to use rudimentary methods, such as placing your machine on concrete blocks or logs, and unless you don’t want your lawn mower lift to fail, you must learn how to choose the right unit.

The first thing to decide is the type of riding lawn mower lift you need. There are four major categories to consider.

  • Scissors lift: Is a simple type of lawn mower lift equipped with a lever you will have to use to raise the mower manually. They are ideal for smaller machines, including heavier types of push mowers, small ATVs, and entry-level riding mowers. However, most scissors lifts are too small for zero turn mowers
  • Drill-turned lifts: Are designed for heavier machines, and can easily lift up to 750lbs. These units may or may not have a hand lever, but they can all be turned and raised with a power drill. This makes it easier to operate than a scissors lift.
  • Hydraulic lifts: If you’d rather step on a pedal than turning a drill, a hydraulic lift could be the right type for you. These machines are also suitable for raising heavy riding mowers, ATVs, and small garden tractors. Due to the operation method, these units enhance control when lowering the load.
  • Pneumatic lifts: Ideal for garages and riding mower repair workshops, these lifts are the most reliable but also the most expensive. They use the power given by an air compressor and require minimal intervention from your side when lifting or lowering the load.

Lift and Wheel Span Capacity

Perhaps the most important two things to check before buying are the lift capacity and the wheel span capacity. The first tells you the maximum weight your lift can raise securely. Depending on the size of your machine, you can choose from the following lift capacities:

  200 – 250lbs:

Ideal for light duty riding mowers, push lawn mowers, and other lightweight gardening or lawn care equipment.

  300 – 500lbs:

Suitable for most residential lawn mowers, ATVs, and smaller zero turn mowers.

  Over 500lbs:

Perfect for almost all riding mowers, residential zero turn mowers, lawn tractors, ATVs, and other heavy equipment.

When assessing the necessary lift capacity, remember that a lawn mower lift only raises the front of your machine. That’s why the lifting capacity doesn’t refer to the maximum weight of the mower.

For instance, if your mower weighs 700lbs, you need a lift that can raise at least 350lbs. However, it is recommended to get a lift with a capacity slightly higher than necessary. To follow the example above, your lift should be able to raise at least 400lbs, to make sure you can work under the mower in all safety.

Checking the wheel span capacity; on the other hand, is essential because if the wheels are not perfectly centered on the lift’s pads, the mower may lose balance and slide when raised. Needless to say what could be the consequences if you or someone else is caught under it.

Depending on the distance between your mower’s front wheels, you can choose from lifts with wheel span capacities between 17.25 and 62.5 inches. Most lifts even have adjustable spans, so they can accommodate a larger selection of mowers.

Lifting Height

Once you ensured that the lifting capacity and wheel span suit your needs, it’s time to check how high the lift can raise your mower. Most models on the market can lift the front of your mower at a height between 20 and 28 inches.

There is no rule to determine which height is better, but as a rule of thumb, the higher, the better.

A higher lifting means you’ll have a broader view of the cutting deck; changing the blade, sharpening it, or performing routine maintenance is also easier if your lawn mower is raised a bit higher.

However, lifts with a lower lifting height are usually cheaper, so you should always check the price factor too.

Safety Features

The actual method each lift utilizes to hold the mower securely when raised varies from unit to unit. Nevertheless, it is essential to check that it is reliable. The best rated lawn mower lifts are those that come with an arm locking mechanism that ensures the arm cannot slip when it’s raised.

Failure to do so can damage the mower and poses a serious life-threatening hazard.

Another safety feature is represented by rubberized pads. They are not essential but tend to improve grip on the mower’s wheels, holding it better. At the same time, these pads also protect the paintwork on your expensive riding mower.

Lawn Mower Lift FAQ

Q: How to measure my mower’s wheel span?

A: The wheel span is typically measured from the middle of one wheel to the middle of the opposite wheel. However, most lawn mower lift manufacturers measure the wheel span from the exterior of a wheel to the exterior of the opposite wheel. To make sure you measure it right, check the lift’s manual and follow its indications.

Q: What is the difference between a mechanical and hydraulic lawn mower lift?

A: A mechanical lift utilizes either a lever or a power drill to raise the load, whereas a hydraulic one utilizes fluid pressure for the same purpose. Thanks to the extra power offered by the fluid, hydraulic lifts are easier to operate than mechanical ones.

Q: Does my lawn mower lift need maintenance?

A: Like any other mechanical or hydraulic equipment, your lawn mower lift needs maintenance. Mechanical units usually require periodical lubrication. Hydraulic equipment will also ask you to check the fluid level and pressure regularly. However, all needed maintenance is usually basic and more often than not, you’ll be able to perform it on your own, following the instructions in the user manual.


Whether you want to sharpen the blades, carry out regular maintenance, or repair a damaged riding lawn mower, a lawn mower lift is essential. This piece of equipment allows you to raise the machine to the favorite height and perform your tasks under it easily and effectively.

From mechanical lifts to hydraulic ones, we hope this guide has helped you find the best lawn mower lifts on the market. All you have to do is pick the one that matches your wheel span, lift capacity, and budget.


The role of a brush cutter in maintaining a beautiful garden

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A brush cutter is a very important tool for use in the garden or backyard. The role of a brush cutter is very important to the survival of your garden. It also helps to keep the landscape looking well kept. It is used to cut weeds, small trees and other plant overgrowth’s that are not so easy to reach or get rid of.

A Brush cutter machine has more power and can handle tougher plant growth than a Weed string trimmer. Brush cutters normally contain a metal blade which cuts though unwanted or harmful vegetation.

Types of brush cutters

The Hand operated Brush Cutter

The design of the hand operated brush cutter allows for comfortable use. Its length allows for better access to get rid of weeds and other unwanted plants that are hard to reach. Its light weight makes it easy to move around.

The Push operated Brush cutter

These can handle larger areas of growth that the hand-held cutters. They are larger in weight and resemble the lawn mower. They can cover a bit more ground in a shorter time and with more ease.

The towed Brush cutter

These are attached to farm machines such as tractors and are used to complete the largest tasks.

The different types of brush cutters are equipped with different kinds of blades. There are chisel, knife, brush destructor, smasher and mulching blades. The most effective of these is the brush destructor blade which can handle the toughest tasks. Your choice depends on the type of work to be done.

Benefits of brush cutters 

Brush cutters have many benefits. The most important benefit of brush cutters is that they help to maintain a beautiful yard or garden. They are effective in clearing and destroying all unwanted thickets or bushes. They are portable which makes them ideal for cutting in difficult, hard to reach terrain. You can also use the machine for longer because of its design. The design allows ease of use so that users can work for a while without causing physical strain. Some brands are also quiet, so you can work without disturbing others. They are easy to store due to their compact sizes. In addition, they are also easy to maintain. Storage and maintenance are two important factors that affect the durability of the brush cutter.

Factors to consider when purchasing a brush cutter

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a brush cutter. One important factor is the type and the thickness of the vegetation to be cut down. The difficulty of the task will determine the type of brush cutter you purchase.

Another important factor is the terrain you will be using the brush cutter on. The layout of the landscape can cause some plants to be hard to reach. There are brush cutters designed for the hard to reach areas.

It is also important to check for the durability of the product. You are making an investment in an equipment that you hope will last for a while. Check the materials the cutter is made from, the design and overall sturdiness. You need a machine that can withstand the tough outdoors.

The price of the equipment might be an important factor if you are on a budget. However, do not substitute quality for price. Choose the best available brush cutter that is within your budget.

When using a brush cutter, exercise caution and wear protective gear. While using the brush cutter, protect yourself from flying debris. Be sure to protect your eyes. Use brush cutters with a harness and handle bar. These will protect your hands and lessen the impact of accidents. Also remember not to use too close to others since it can cause physical harm. Also look out for those straying animals that may wander into your path.

Purchasing a brush cutter is very important to maintain your garden. It ensures that your garden is properly cleared for new growth. The role of a brush cutter cannot be over stated. Take proper care of the brush cutter for a durable and effective machine. Pay special attention to the blade which needs to be kept sharp and clean. The brush cutter is a useful equipment that must be handled with care. Read the manual before use to ensure you understand how to care for and operate the equipment.

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Pressure Washing with a Garden Hose

Pressure Washing – Step by Step User Guide

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A pressure washer is an essential tool in cleaning whether for commercial or home use. Pressure washing is a hit because it does wonder in keeping everything clean, including driveways, patios, lawn furniture, and even hard-to-reach areas in your property.

Pressure washers are powered either by a gas engine or electric motor. Pressure washing with a garden hose makes use of a high-pressure jet to knock off dirt away. And since it only makes use of water, it doesn’t cause serious damage on surfaces.

No matter which style of pressure washer you use, always wear proper safety gear like gloves, goggles, and of course hearing protection. Also, read the manual before using so you really have a good understanding of how to use the equipment in a safe manner so you don’t hurt yourself or anyone around. An ounce of prevention always beats a pound of “cure!”

Pressure washers vary depending on its cleaning power. They can be categorized as follows:

  • Light-Duty Pressure Washer

This type is used for cleaning outdoor furniture, small patios and decks, and for car washing. It has uses 1300 to 1900 PSI.

  • Medium-Duty Pressure Washer

Thinking of what is the best pressure washer for driveways? This type of pressure washer will work for you. Its cleaning power ranges from 2000 to 3100 PSI. On most 2000 PSI pressure washer reviews, this type is recommended for both home and business use.

  • Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer

This type is considered the best electric high-pressure washer in the market today, and it is highly recommended for commercial use due to its maximum cleaning power. The pressure range of this is 3200 PSI to 4200 PSI or more.

To be able to get its maximum benefit, the pressure washer should be used and handled properly. Each pressure washer machine differs from one another, but it follows the same instructions on how to use them.

Take a look at our quick guidelines and learn how to use the machine properly and efficiently.

How to Set Up and Use a Pressure Washer with Garden Hose

  1. Assemble the pressure washer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For electric pressure washers, connect the high-pressure side of the hose to the pump and the other side to the water supply. Attach the spray gun on the high-pressure side of the hose and add spray nozzle on top of the spray gun. For gas pressure washers, fill the tank with the proper gasoline and engine oil.
  2. Make sure you are wearing all of your safety gear including Gloves, Goggles, and Hearing Protection!
  3. Turn on the water source. Make sure that you open the water source first before turning on the machine to avoid damaging the pump. Also, before you connect the power, pull the trigger on the spray nozzle to purge the system of air. You should have a nice continuous supply of water going through it before you turn on the machine. This goes for both electric and gas powered pressure washers.
  4. Connect the power cord to an electric outlet. Switch on the power switch, then pull the string to start the engine. Again, keep in mind that water should always be continuously flowing through the machine.

If at first, you do not get enough water from the water source, do not be confused. This happens because the pump does not contain water yet. When you reached the desired water level of the machine, pull the trigger and start spraying on dirty surfaces.

Pressure washing the fence once in a while will make a huge difference.

  1. If you wish to change the nozzle, stop the spray gun, remove the old nozzle, and attach a new one.
  2. When spraying, always keep the spray gun at least ten to twelve inches above the surface at a 45-degree angle. Hold it firmly to avoid slippage from your hand.
  3. To effectively clean the surface, move the spray from one side to the other until you have fully covered the entire area. To clean dirty corners, you can use the 0-degree nozzle.
  4. Once you are finished, unplug the cord and disconnect the garden hose from the water supply. Spray it one more time. This is to empty the remaining water from the pump.
  5. Dry the machine properly and keep in the storage area for future use. For gasoline-powered pressure washer, you can empty the fuel tank if you will not use the machine for a long time.

The green spray nozzle is commonly used for general cleaning.

Safety Tips in Using the Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are a great tool for cleaning if used properly. Just like any other types of equipment, you need to take safety precautions in operating the machine.

  • Always read, understand, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Wear protective equipment like goggles, hearing protection, gloves, and closed-toe footwear to avoid the accidental direct spray.
  • Place the pressure washer on a flat surface before using.
  • Never point the spray gun at people as the pressurized water stream can cause serious cuts on skin.
  • Move out any breakable objects from the area you are about to clean.
  • Never allow children to play with the pressure washer.
  • Avoid spraying on areas with an electrical socket or power lines.
  • Use the trigger lock when the spray is not in use.
  • Do not use the gasoline pressure washer in an enclosed area.
  • Allow the engine to cool down before storing.


Pressure washing with a garden hose is indeed a great way to aid in cleaning dirty area of your home properly and effectively. Having a good knowledge on the proper use of the pressure washer keeps you from damaging surfaces and risking yourself to injury. Always remember, safety first.

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